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Getting to Know You - March 28


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I find myself too often answering, "I do" instead of merely "Yes." I have no idea when I started that but I have noticed I'm doing it a lot lately. I don't know anyone that uses that so I don't have a clue where it came from.

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I'm like that TV commercial "dude". I'm not sure where i even got that from, it's not like I'm a surfer.

The only other two, and I unfortunately have Jack saying both of them, is when we're wrestling, I tell him "I'm gonna knock your mouth loose." He just laughs and says no way daddy, I'm goinn knock your mouth loose.

The other one is when he and I are going someplace, instead of saying "My son are you prepared for our departure" I say "you ready to rock and roll dude?" So now when he's waiting for me, I get that right back from him. Ready to rock and roll dad.

I think I've done enough damage to him, so i try not to say anything else.

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yeah, he does know about two or three of those too. God that poor kid is destined for greatness isn't he. :shock:

I found myself at the Flyers game the other week screaming things like jumping jimminie crickets, holy moly and oh buckets. People around me were looking at me like I was insane. I finally said hey, that's what happens when you start watching sports with a three year old.

I should be named pete and he should be named repeat. Holy Buckets of nuts came out during the basketball games on Sunday, to which I got a holy buckets of nuts right back at me.

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