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good news?

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We had Jim's consult with the surgeon today and we were told that, in his opinion, the mass does not appear to have malignant characteristics. We were also told that it actually does not appear to be in Jim's lung after all, but is most likely behind the lung and nestled up to his spinal column (hard to tell I guess with the limitations of the CT image?)

The recommendation is to remove the mass whether it be malignant or not and we scheduled surgery for next Friday. The mass will be biopsied at that time so my worry and waiting continues, but with renewed hope that we may not be facing cancer (went out for celebratory dinner tonight for that one bit of hopeful news!)

I now have new concerns about them cutting open his chest and removing the tumor from a sensitive area, but the surgeon has come highly recommended so I am trying to relax. I can't remember who posted earlier to tell me to remember "nothing bad is happening RIGHT NOW" Thank you so much . . . I use that every day.


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Hi Chris,

I think that this is very positive news!!!

I am hoping the surgery goes well, and the mass is benign. That would be wonderful. It was me who passed on to you the statement "Nothing bad is happening right now." It has helped me a lot, and I'm very glad that it is also helping you cope with your situation.

I continue to wish you and Jim all the best.


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Wow! That is indeed great news!! Both my brother and my Mom had benign growths removed via thoracotomy. They are both just fine today decades after the procedure. Seems these things have to come out malignant or not, because they grow and can cause issues.

Joe B

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