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Mom not doing so well...


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My mom had surgery yesterday to remove tumors blocking her small bowel. They removed part of the small and large bowel. She is in a lot of pain. They also found masses in the abdomen, and new ones on the lung. I feel terrible about all the fighting we did. She needs all the prayers she can get. She has colostomy bag, and after 3 weeks of recovery will probably start chemo again.

The new docs at my aunt's hospital suspects it may have started in the ovaries after all. They questioned why only one ovary was removed. I'm beginning to think that the first hospital called it unknown primary because they knew they messed up by not doing a complete hysterectomy, and smelled a possible lawsuit.

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Marlon, Dear One, I am so very, very sorry. Do you have power of attorney for your Mother? If so you should be able to obtain all of her medical records from the previous hosptials/clinics. It's a good place to start looking for answers.

You and your family have my prayers for fast healing, and good results from the chemo once she is able to start up with it again.

Sending only good wishes your way.

Fay A.

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Marlon -

So sorry to hear your news. You have been so strong and supportive for your mom - don't ever feel/think it wasn't worth it.

You ARE close to me in proximity, so if you need someone to vent with or drown a few sorrows with, or hold your mom's hand for a while, feel free to email me...

Hugs and prayers,


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Guest canuckwebgrrl

Marlon, I'm sorry your mother did not get the best drs & treatment. There is no excuse for that, yet there are many similar stories out there. I wish your Mom all the best in this fight.

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