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Missing DAisy


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Daisy, Deb's Pup passed away 1 year ago yesterday. and 15 months after Deb Passed away! so Mocha and I sat on the floor and watched the garden animals tonite for a while and just barked away at them. People may think we are crazy for looking out the windows layig on th floor but Hey we had Fun together!! :wink::wink:

Stll miss my girls though!!!!! :(:wink:

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I know that you still miss your girls. Some days are just hard. I can'g imagine how I would have felt if Misty (Jonny's dog) would have died that soon after loosing him.

She is 15 now and stone deaf but still some energy. She runs up the stairs and thinks she is a husky when she sees other dogs. She is just a little mut and it took a while but I sure am attatched to her now.

Hang in there and think that maybe they are missing you too.

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I so understand the "dog/loved one" connection. Bill gave Mrs. Dickens to me as a Christmas gift. But I think they were as much soul mates as we were! She's like the canine embodiment of him with all of her love and also her mischief, which should be gone by this age!!! So I can only imagine the loss of Daisy. :( Glad you have your new sweet pup to go through it with.

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well Miss mocha and I did spend a half hour laying on the floor looking out the window barking at squireels and cats so I am better obviously! jus :roll::P:wink::lol::shock::D:):o t a little crazy silly now!!!!!

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