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Is this a bad sign?


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My sister had an MRI of her brain last Friday to see if there were Cancerous cells there. It's now Wednesday and she hasn't heard anything. This Fri. she goes to Boston for chemo so I guess they'll tell her then. I think if they had good results they probably would've called. Does it take that long to get the results? I am trying not to be pessemistic but this is scaring me.

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My experience is that docs usually don't call at all and they make us wait til our appointment. The waiting is maddening, and I usually get my scans and MRIs the day before I see the doc and that 24 hours kills me. My first onc, who left Cleveland Clinic, I had trained and he would call me the day I got my scans because he used to jokingly call me his "high maintainence patient" :lol: I just needed to know!!! My new doc is way too busy and won't let his PAs call so I just have to wait.

Hang in there, others will follow and tell you about their long waits, too. This is just very typical.

Please let us know the results - will be keeping you both in my thoughts for some GREAT scan results!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Don't know if this will help or not, but only when it was BAD news do our Drs call. So Alan

and I have the thought process that no news is good news. When Alan's cancer went

to his brain, all of his Drs called us, every MRI since has been clear and never a call.

My prayers to you and your family, and please keep us updated.

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No it does not mean it is a bad sign. Where I go for my scans (in the Boston/Greater Boston area) it takes 48 hrs.(2 business days) for the doctor to get the results of the test. So not counting weekends that would be about Wednesday if the test was on Friday. If I want to know ahead of time I call for the results rather then wait for the day of the appointment. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. If the doctor does not call you and you do end up waiting for the day of the appointment make sure you tell them you prefer to know the results before that. Hope this helps. Prayers for the best.

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