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ahhhhhhh i am so frustrated!!!

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Ok, seriously... why is it soooo hard to find a local support group? I have searched on line forever and can not find a single support group, much less one that will relate to me. Dont get me wrong... finding LCSC had been a great help, but I would really like to go to a in person group. I also have a friend who also lost her mother 2yrs ago to LC and we would like to go together. I am almost losing my mind. I cant beleive that i cant find a single thing on line at any of the local hospitals,or even the Hospice center website. Maybe there might be something in the binder from hospice that we have, but short of that I am almost ready to go back to the oncologist office and look at the bulletin board. (although, my trip there last week was hard, as all the nurses were crying when they saw me)

Anyone have any ideas?

frustrated in Oshkosh, WI


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It's the same thing here, which is why Rick and I began LCSC- no in person support groups!!!

Starting one would be a great idea since you have a friend ready to participate. You can call hospitals to see if they will donate you a meeting room once a week or twice a month and then send out flyers in your community.

If there is a Gilda's club in your area, I know they have groups too. They might be willing to help you start one and have it located there at their facilities as well.

And if none of that works, churches are a great place to meet. When it's not a church night, most churches welcome organizations to meet in her congregation halls.

Think about it. It would be a commitment, but one well worth it.

After 5 years we are finally getting one started here in our community.

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Hi Shelli. We do have a support group at our clinic...and I am told there are 3 in total in Canada. I have been to many meetings but quite honestly found them very draining and I have decided not to continue going. Think there are many many people that don't go to these groups. So, for what it's worth, even if you found one, no guarantees that it will help. Personally, I find the support here much better and encouraging. I hope you find the support you need.

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Shelli, are you looking for a Lung Cancer Support Group or are you looking for a Greif Support Group?

I know that there is a Lung Cancer Support Group in Wis. Dave Grant started one up at the U of W Cancer Center in Madison. It is designed for those that are in the fight with there lung cancer, (patient and there caregivers).

In my Lung Cancer In Person Support Group, none of the caregivers return after they lose a loved one, I think that has happened in our group maybe once or twice that a caregiver came back just to say hi!

If your looking for a Greif Support Group then you should be able to find that thru a Funeral Home or Hospice or Hospital.

Otherwise, the US doesn't have many Lung Cancer Support Groups in place. We have two that are still going here in Minnesota and mine is one of them. We've been up and running for over 8 years now. It's hard to get people to attend an In Person Lung Cancer Support Group. Don't ask me why that is, but I know it was darn hard for us to get off the ground. It takes time to get things going. Holler if I can be of any help if you wish to start up an inperson lung cancer support group.

Good Luck.

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Thanks for all your advice... I am just looking for a general support group, one that is for grieving or even one that is for patients and caregivers..(it doesnt have to be LC specific) . the only ones I have found seem to be mostly for Breast Cancer. I did attend a group with Dad once or twice and it was OK, but most of the people there were older, had been survivors for at least 5 plus years, so it was not really geared towards us, Dad quit going because (this is what i think) it was to depressing for him seeing all these people who had survived for so long and he knew (thought?) that he wouldnt be in that situation, and also because there was no one in the group with LC either.

Connie, thanks for the info on UW-Madison (if you dont already know I used to work at the Cancer center there, until Dad got sick and I moved home) So I do know they have tons of wonderful groups there, but alas, that is 1 1/2 hours from here.

I am sure I will figure something out.. but LCSC has really helped me so far :)


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Hi Shelli, I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad.

Do you have The Wellness Community in your area? They have a group called Transitions, for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one from cancer in the last year. Not sure where you are located but you can go to thewellnesscommunity.org, that is their National headquarters website. Hope you can find the support you need.

God Bless

Nancy B

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Hi, Shelli. I ran into same problem as you, and initially solved it by attending a general local lung cancer support group (much more helpful than I'd expected) and am now in the process of setting up a local lung cancer support group.

The problem with lung cancer support groups--as you can imagine--is that (a) they don't get as much support from the community due to stigma (all those smokers deserve to die! :oops: ); and (B) the turnover is too high. :evil:

There are other problems, but I won't bother to go into those now. Hopefully, within a week I will be able to report both my actions and initial results (I do not plan to let go of this plan--believe it is VERY important for all of us to have the personal touch as well as online contact.


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