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Fire Situation Much Better


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Thanks for all of your positive thoughts and prayers. The fires are under control, 40% contained, and we are fine. There were more than a few scary moments but we have some really top notch firefighters here in Palm Bay and have had lots of help from other departments throughout the state.

Yesterday, an arson suspect was arrested and all the stations had this mand tried and convicted but this morning, it looks as if he may have been a copycat, if even that. I believe the real arsonist, responsible for millions of dollars in damage, is still on the prowl.

It is so very dry here and no rain is expected for weeks to come. The winds seem to have decreased a bit and the humidity has risen. It's still very scary, knowing that it is so dry with no rain in sight.

We finally ventured out to the supermarket last night and by the time we were getting home, smoke was rolling from somewhere very near our house. Of course, I was in a complete panic until I saw my house wasn't in flames. It was a brush fire a couple of blocks away with no houses in danger, thank God.

It's so nice to have power on again, althogh parts of the city are still without power. I guess this was a good chance for everyone to make sure their generators were working before hurrican season arrives in June. See...I still have a sense of humor. Honestly, when I went into the store last night, you would have thought there was a hurricane on its way. There were batteries, falshlights, candles, drinking water and coolers all stacked up in the front of the store.

Thanks for all your prayers. You are such good friends with such positive prayers!!!!

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I am so glad you are ok and an special thanks To Lily for posting up last nite and Hope she is ok this summer as well. I saw that on cnn and thought about YA Anne. Happy everyone is ok today and hope they get the real jerk! :shock::o:wink:

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