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New Clinical Study

Guest DaveG

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I will be participating in a Phase II, Randomized, double blind, 2 Part, Multicenter Study to compare the Efficacy of ZD6474 with the Efficacy of ZD1839 (Iressa). In this study I will receive one of the above drugs plus a placebo on a daily basis. The study will continue for an undisclosed period, or until it is demonstrated that no benefit is being shown. If no benefit is shown, and the tumor continues to grow, the particular study drug I am taking will be removed and I will go into a 4 week withdrawn period. Then I will restart the study with the opposite drug. The exact drug I receive will not be disclosed. I will be starting in the study 12-02-03, with initial tests, CT Scan, baseline ECG, and baseline blood work. On 12-09-03 I will begin taking the drug. It is expected that I will be in the research unit for a period of 8-10 hours after taking the initial dose. Periodic blood samples will be drawn after administration of the initial dose.

This is the study in a "nutshell". Hopefully it will work and arrest the growth of the tumor. If this does not work, I will be offered other treatments.

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Hi Dave,

I am in that clinical trial...started in May at Cedars-Sinai with Dr. Ronald Natale. I was on Part A until October when Dr. Natale pulled me off the first drug because of the scan showing change in my liver. I started Part B in November. I have had minimal side effects and the clinical trial staff is so supportive...I know they are all pulling for me big time. I like that I am monitored so closely even though it involves a 100 mile trip from here to Beverly Hills. Since starting the drug(s) in May, I have had no growth in my primary tumor. Contact me if you want any further details from me.

Best wishes for you success in this trial...may it take you forever!


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Thank you for the info. This study is just starting at the University of Wisconsin, under Dr. Schiller. I am the first patient at the UW to start this study. I am glad to know that I have someone to "compare notes" with.

I see that you are Borzoi Blessed. I am Chihuahua Blessed. I love my little dog. It is nice to have this little guy around when my wife is off working and I am alone at home. I am sure glad he doesn't talk because he sure hears alot from me throughout the day. Dogs seem to know when you need some cuddling and lovin'. They also seem to know when they should keep their distance as well. My chihuahua is sitting on my lap as I am writing, not paying a bit of attention to what I am doing, but just cherishing the time with me.

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