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Radiation Side Effects--Updated in original post--7/10!


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Hello all,

I got to NC last night and immediatley discovered that mom has a badly swollen area on her right side (stomach level). She showed it to the radiologist and he ordered at new CT scan for Monday. It feels more like fluid than a hard lump. She began getting her second radiation on her hip Tuesday but the swelling began before that. Has anyone had anything similar with radiation or otherwise?



7/10 UPDATE--The Ct scan showed stable disease in her lung and no liver involvement (Whew!). The radiologist seems to think that the swelling is coming from the mets in her back. They've already radiated there so they are going to gave her an infusion of quadroment next week. Anyone have experience with quadromet?

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I hope they can find out what's going on there ASAP. My mom has had radiation several times as well and has not had that type of side effect at all. Fingers are crossed and prayers sent up. Please keep us posted.



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