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Having a bad day..

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This sure has been a bad day, I hate days like this. You all know what I'm talking about. When no matter what you do, life still sucks and everything reminds you of how much your loved one means to you. The thought of loosing my mom is so horrible and I can't get away from it today.

I called about some specialised care for mom, everywere I called they do not accept her state medical card. She has worked her whole life and now when she needs help the most, no one will help her. So what, that it is state issued and not the "Medicade" card. Does that mean that because she is not 62 or had a great job with benifits, she dies?

I'm sorry but that is just WRONG. I don't see how these people in congress could let someone die because of something so rediculous(sp?).

This is the shi_ that the brave men and women are fighting for right now.


Sorry, like I said .... bad day.

Mom is still in the hospital, three weeks now. She is still very sick and they drained more fluid out of her lung today. This time it was the right instead of the left like all the other times. I don't take that as a very good sign. She hasn't had any trouble with the right lung before.

The doc told us that she has a "hole" in her lung and I'm not sure what to think of that. I don't understand why, something about the tumor that was there shrunk and left a whole. Doesn't make much sence to me.

So if anyone has any idea's about how to get treatment, or what a hole might mean, I would love to hear it.


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Hi Renee,

I'm so sorry to here that you are having a bad day. What kind of specialized care were you looking for? I'm not sure about the state card and what that means but here are some numbers you can call and maybe they can help:

The Patient Advocate Foundation

(800) 532-5274The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance patient education about managed care terminology and policy issues that may effect coverage. The Foundation also assists in providing legal intervention services with creditors to negotiate reduction or deferment of payments during treatment and helps with legal aid referrals as indicated by patient need.

The National Insurance Consumer Helpline

(800) 942-4242A hotline established to answer consumer questions and provide problem-solving support as well as printed materials. The Hotline is manned by trained personnel and licensed agents from 8 to 8 EST, Mon through Friday.

Cancer Treatments Your Insurance Should Cover

(301) 984-9496

Describes standard and investigational treatments that should be covered and what to do if reimbursement is denied. You can order a guide from the Assoc of Community Cancer Centers.


It can't hurt to call. I will keep you and your Mom in my Prayers and I will keep searching the web for info for you.


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Sorry about your bad day. I don't have any advice either. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and along with everyone else hoping something comes along to make you smile again. God knows, we all need a little sunshine. Sometimes I just go into the good news posts and read them all from beginning to end. Feel better soon!

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Dear Renee,

SOCIAL WORKERS!!! The hospital should have one, two or more Social Workers that can lend you a hand. There are programs that will pay for extended help, and the Social Workers should know how to get set up with them. Exactly what type of Specialised care are you thinking of? So much can depend on your mother's income, finances, etc.... But, you could check with Medical Assistance also, or the Social worker can tell you if she would qualify. To be very honest with you most people on Medical Assistance get very very good health care.

God Bless and Good Luck,

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Thank you all for your "moral support" and advice.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the places that can not help my mom, this is how I understand it.

Mom is on disability, and with that she is given a state issued medical card. With that card, she can only see doctors that have a KY I.D. number. I'm not sure what kind of I.D. number that would be, just that they would need one, and no one, like cancer treatments centers, that I have found has one. So, she gets the shi##y treatment that KY has to offer.

I want to get her into somewere that has specialists in treatments for cancer.

I was told that if mom was 62 that she could get a medicaid card, with a social security check, not disability. She could get treatment in other states. That just doesn't seem fair. I am looking into moving to another state. If that's what I have to do then I will do it.

It shouldn't be that hard to do really. Just a matter of renting a U-haul and buying a map.

Sorry that I wasn't more spacific the other night. My eyes were so full of tears and I was so mad that it was hard to think, let alone type.

Thanks again to you all...


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Sorry about your mom. If she is stll in the hospital, contact the discharge planner. That's her (or his) job to plan her discharge. Let the professionals do the work for you (or the social worker as Connie suggested).

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