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I'm a bit concerned about my Mark. His last chemo was June 16 and quite honestly seemed to be doing better while on chemo.

I have noticed and he has noticed the past couple of weeks his appetite dwindling, cough has changed again has gotten quite hard, can't seem to get the phlegm out at easy as he was, still very tired, still very weak.

He was going to call onc. doc this a.m. but has decided to wait, he has a family doc appt on Wed morning and an appt with his pallative doc on Wed afternoon and will see what they have to say.

According to onc.doc. at his appt last Monday, chest xray was o.k., nothing changed.

Am I just jumping to conclusions or is this still the chemo reacting??

Have I mentioned how much I hate this disease.

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Hi Janette. It is hard not to be concerned. I don't know if it could still be the chemo but think that is a possibility. But could definitely be from radiation...side effects from radiation can go on for months and months. Glad you have a few doc appts this week then. Take good care please


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Hi Jan.... I hate this diease too with a passion. it has turned my once happy easy life into one heck of a nightmare.... It would be very hard not to worry..I'm worried because my hubby only has 3 more chemo treatments to go..it's so scary for me because I think of his chemo as a life support I guess. I'm a 30 year cancer survivor so I know how it feels on both sides of the ugly fence..... Hang in there I'm sure he will be fine and dandy.

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I too hate this darned disease :x .

My Mom would often feel worse several days after her chemo treatments. That's when she would nadir and reach the lowest point with her white count.

I hope that you've gotten some answers and that Mark is feeling better.


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