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I'm officially on vacation!

Tuesday I rode my bicycle early in the morning 10 miles to get my 8:00am CT scan. I could tell that the effects of Avasting (half dose) and Alimta (80% dose) had finally worn off, after 28 days. I've been on this regimen for 7 1/2 months and I've been fighting the fatigue and muscle soreness most of the time. But Tuesday morning I was riding along on my bicycle feeling like my old self again.

This morning I also took the bicycle. Two things were on my mind. The test results, of course. Also, could I, or should I, endure another dose of chemo? I made even better time riding to the doctor in downtown Chicago. Again it's early in the morning. I grab breakfast before my appointment.

The doctor is smiling and seems happy to see me, but the discussion is frustrating as usual. My CT scan shows stable disease. That's a big deal, but my mind is already on the treatment decision. She thinks that spreading out my doses to lessen the side effects will give me a sub-therapeutic dose. But taking a vacation and "missing a dose" is OK. Also I should try some "energy pills" called Provigil (Modafinil), which I'm skeptical about. I agree to take today's treatment and then have a "vacation" next time. I have two conflicting interests. I think recovering from the medicine and building up my health is valuable, but I also worry about keeping the cancer under control.

I'm thinking this over in the waiting room and I have second thoughts. I've been taking these drugs for over 7 months and I know their effects on my body pretty well. Then it occurs to me, I should take the "vacation" now. I go talk this over with a nurse, who I know pretty well now. It's much easier to explain what I'm really feeling and thinking to the nurse. She goes to clear it with the doctor. As always, relations with the nurses are relaxed and helpful. There's no stress and I often make lots of jokes. This time I'm feeling emotional, which is unusual for me. Around the nurses it's a safe place to get emotional.

So I leave and get on my bicycle for the 60 minute ride home. I've had the needed 28 days to recover, so I'm really on vacation. Feeling well is the best vacation, but I might actually go somewhere too. I'd love to go hiking in some mountains somewhere. We'll see.

David Fourer

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Have a good vacation, David. I don't think there is a right answer to the question about when it's best to take a chemo vacation or if it's safe to do so at all. How about a 2 or 3 week vacation?

Rest up from the 7 mo. of chemo, ride your bike alot, and visit someplace interesting. If it were me, I'd go to downtown Chicago as I love the city. Guess you're already there. :lol::lol::lol:

Check in with us. If you will be away from your computer, go to the Hall Passes board and request a "hall pass." Otherwise, we'll all worry about you.


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Please have an awesome vacation and hike and bike ride and whatever else makes your heart smile. You have done so well and I am so glad you joined this board. And thanks for replying to my posts re alimta...take good care on vacation..don't overdo it.


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Just to let you know all is well. I'm wrapping up loose ends and letting go of work for a while (I'm self-employed part-time). Fiddling with my hobbies, visiting friends, just resting. I feel good. Travel is also a possibility, but nothing stressful.

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"CaroleHammett"]Hi, David.

I, too, am taking a vacation, albeit for different reasons. Nevertheless, I think it just as important to cleanse the mind as the body


Your writing on LCSC has inspired and educated me. Thanks for the support. I'm not much good about writing about myself. Maybe later I'll have more to say. ---David

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dfourer: Carole, Your writing on LCSC has inspired and educated me. Thanks for the support. I'm not much good about writing about myself. Maybe later I'll have more to say. ---David


Thanks for the compliments, but methinks you write more about yourself than you realize--not just articulately, but inspiring, too.


PS Technically I'm still out on "hall pass," but last of my company left today and hopefully in a couple days I'll be rested and back for "real"... at least until I start my "real" vacation. :D

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