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me ....& my questions


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Oh my Dear and Wonderful Friend,

Anything is possible, but remember we can all get hit by a truck tomorrow too!!!!

I think we need to talk very soon. I'll give you a call in a few days.

Your going to be fine. I know your brain committe is working overtime. Let the brain committe(stinken thinken) go and just try to ENJOY each day to the fullest!


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In the time I have been on these boards, I have observed so many different cases. I have come to the conclusion that there is no one answer to your question. Every case is totally unique. Each person's health other than the cancer and their age is different . There can't possibly be an answer. The best advice is as Connie says to enjoy all the good days , as all of us should. God Bless you Bucky. You have my prayers for many many more good days ahead.



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Based just on what I've seen and read here on these message boards, there's just no telling (as has already been written here, each of us is unique), but it is a question that faces all of us, and we all know that the "one day at a time" principle is easier said than done.

In my case, I've found that I'm far likelier to succeed in taking it one day at a time if I begin my day by "stopping and smelling the roses." For me that means starting out by waking up and cheering (because I woke up :D).

Next, I go outside and get in my hot tub (warm water pool therapy) and tilt my head back so I can see the sky and trees overhead (and hear the birds chirping), which cheers me no end, making me even more aware of how precious each additional day that I live.

I was only a few weeks into my dx when--following all the initial stress, anxiety, confusion, etc.--the realization of how lucky I was to not be dead yet rose to the forefront of my thinking. I have also been very lucky in remaining, so far, relatively pain-free and with overall feelings of good health (my only symptom initially was a light and sporadic cough).

Until about six months ago, my post tx cancer was stable. I am now on "count down" (with no idea how quickly I will deteriorate), but my attitude has remained positive, primarily (in my opinion) because I simply don't have time to waste. :D

I realize I've gone completely off topic here, Bucky, but I thank you for asking the question that prompted me to "think out loud" on this subject even if this isn't necessarily the most appropriate place to do it. :?



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