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Admitted to hospital...


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We took my dad for the Bone scan today as arranged and then after we got back he was sick and started shivering saying that he was cold, when he felt hot to touch. Over the course of 4 hours his temp had risen to over 100 degrees (38 ) and so I had to phone the unit.

I was told to bring him in and they took bloods and said that he is anemic and needs to have a blood transfusion in the morning. His kidney function isn't great and so they took a urine sample and think there is a urine infection (which they say could be causing the confusion) so they will give him IV fluids tonight along with anti-biotics.

They couldn't say how long he will be in for, it just depends on how fast he picks up.

In a way I'm glad that he's in there b/c I just knew that something was wrong and there was nothing that I could do to help him at home.

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I would like to thank everyone for their kind words!! :)

I am worried that b/c he has needed a transfusion after just one cycle of the Chemo, when the Oncologist had already warned us that after cycle three he would probably be needing one, that they may not resume the treatment.

I don't know if treatments are changed or just stopped and move on with Palliative care.......

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Hi Caren. You have reason to be worried. But focus on getting him looked after and out of the hospital first. Perhaps that kind of chemo was just not for him and a different kind is possible. Some chemos are just not tolerated well by some patients. There are other treatments that can be tried. Never give up hope. Focus on today...and take it one day at a time. Positive thoughts and prayers for you and your dad


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Caren, Your dad's lucky he has you looking out for him and getting him help quickly. Maybe this chemo isn't for him, or maybe it was just because of the infection that should clear up with IV antibiotics. If it's not for him, like Sandra said, there are surely others they can try.

Keeping you and Dad in my thoughts.

Judy in New Jersey

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My husband and I went in to see him today. He was just having the IV anti-biotics. He's had a couple of units of fluids and should now be having a couple of units of blood.

The doctor sent him for a chest x-ray after I had come home last night to rule out chest infection. Then when the doctor called in to see him today he gave him the result of the Bone Scan, which unfortunately, as we suspected there are metastasis to that shoulder area. They have now stopped the Anti-inflammatory that they were using to treat that and have started giving him Oral Morphine to deal with the pain.

He will definitely be staying in over the weekend and the Oncologist will come in to see us after clinic on Monday to discuss everything.

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Hi Caren,

So sorry to hear about your dad. I just hope they can keep him comfortable and pain free.

You're a great daughter as you are there for him. I know how worried you must be but let's wait and see what the next plan will be.

Sending out healing his way. Poor guy...


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Thanks again everyone :)

I have been in to see him today and I think that I had set myself up for a fall. I didn't expect him to be up doing a dance or anything, but I did expect to find him much better than I had left him yesterday, when in fact he is worse :( His temp is back up and he's very lethargic.

The nurse said that she has requested that the doctor come by to see him again this evening.

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