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I have a book by the bed and one by the couch and 2 on order from Amazon. I love mysteries, not blood and guts kind but well female detectives. I have gotten thru about 10 of the Evanovich (Plum) series, and all of the Elizabeth Peters (Peabody) series except the last one. I am also :lol: a Harry Potter fan and have reread them twice. Looking for something else.. Suggestions

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Today I have actually been reading my October issue of Good Housekeeping. I usually have a book going, but for some reason I haven't read much in the last few months. SO, I don't have any suggestions, just a question for you in the next paragraph. :lol:

I LOVE the Janet Evanovich books. (PLUM) I have read them all. PM me when you get done with the last few--- I'm curious as to what you think of them. What are the Elizabeth Peters books about?? I'm always game for a new series to read.



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I also LOVE Evanovich's Plum series! Have you read Sue Grafton's alphabet series? It is similiar. I also like Nevada Barr. She has a series about a female park ranger.

I am reading/studying about the Civil War (American) lol

BTW, I did NOT like James Patterson's "Sundays at Tiffany's"

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I am currently finishing up the Twilight series. by Stephenie Meyer.. its sooooo good!!! I believe that its meant for young adults, but just like the Harry Potter books.. Im am hooked.. there are 4 books, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipise and Breaking Dawn. There was suposed to be a 5th book, but someone stole a draft of it and leaked it so She is unsure if she will finish it,but she posted the draft on her website for all too see.

There is a moive based on the first book coming out in Nov.!

I also enjoy John Grishman, Stephen King and Nicolas Sparks!


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Another good series which is also on tape and can be found at the librarys is Tony Hillermans Series. The stories take place in Arizona on the Navajo Reservation and there is tons of interesting native american culture.

Thanks for the suggestions. I see Patterson all over the place but haven't tried any.

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