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Doc says everything looks good upon physical exam and blood tests, but he DID order a CT for early January. (He is just trying to shift from every 3 months to every 4 months for next year - guess that's reasonable).

But I do have to see a cardiologist because he AND my general practictioner both say my heart beat is "weird" and "irregular"....beats 4 and then skips one.....and that it is probably a result of damage from the radiation on my left lung.

I drove back to work thinking "how SAD it is that when they're rushing to attack the cancer, long-term effects aren't even a consideration, because the odds are that you won't be there long-term!"

But of course even if they made us sign a sheet acknowledging the side effects and possible problems from our "standard" treatment - of course we'd still go for it.

So listen to me - whah, whah, whah - sorry! I just hope it's something they can control/fix with medication. I was kinda getting USED to not spending so much time in doctor's offices!

Excuse my whining - I've got nobody else to whine to these days!

Hugs and prayers,


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Sandy, spreading the time out on scans and office visits is a good thing. We just celebrated that Lucie now sees the onc every 8 weeks instead of every 4 or 6 weeks. And Lucie's heart has an arrhythmia that comes and goes, so the cardiologist has put her on medication to keep it beating regularly. It was not serious, but probably did occur with all the stress and treatments. Best to you. Don

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Hey Sandy,

Congrats on the good report...Sorry to hear about your other issue....

My Mom was in quite bit of pain which finally got her to get scanned... well...She ended up having "just a fractured spine"... We were so happy that we didn't have to face cancer again we totally forgot about the spine..... I'm thinking to myself how did we get to the point were a fractured spine is the good news and "minor".... I think the chemo and rad is speeding up her osteoporosis...Sue and I used to email about this....

God bless you and your family this holiday season....enjoy


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Earl and I were just talking last night that this time last year he was in Fox Chase after his lung surgery and he had been moved back in to ICU because of Afibrilation, which they did get under control.

He had experienced this for awhile before his LC dx and had basically put his head in the sand about. (Yep, he's a guy).

Well since this episode in the hospital, it has gone away completely, who knew.

Hope the same for you. Weird beats are very treatable from what I understand.


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