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Signs of Dying?

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I just got back from the hospice. dad was at the dining room table having breakfast when i got there. I think his motor skills are going. His hands just kept falling onto his plate. I wish I knew how soon it was going to be. He is very confused too, saying things that don't make sense.

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Do not wait until the "right time" to say goodbye. Tell him now how much you love him, but that it will be ok when he's ready to go. Share memories now while he's still lucid. Even if he should rally and get better, at least you will have not left things unsaid.

So sorry for the decline.


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Sorry about the decline. When my Dad was at the end, the confusion started about 3 weeks before he passed. But in those 3 weeks, he had days that were great! We finally knew it was the end when he started to fall whlie walking, or getting out of bed, and then eventually couldnt get out of bed and then became pretty much unresponsive and then the final stages signs started to appear, as in slower respirations, very low BP, low or no urine output and skin becomes mottled and cool to the touch.

The fact that you Dad is still getting out bed is a good sign. Like the others said... say what you want to know, I knew that I needed to do that, and never took the chance to do it.

Thoughts your way


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