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checking in/update


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Well it's been a few months since I posted and for the most part things have been great. Since the last time I posted I was wrapping up my son's baseball season and getting ready for his football season to start and I just had my check up from the bone met on my lower spine which came back good news no change. Since my last post I have felt great other than still having some lower back pain which Doc. said was a combination of the cancer damage, radiation and zometa. I have been controlling the pain with aleve and tylenol with good results. This past Wednesday I went in for my 90 day follow up which was a pet and ct scan, my chest abdomen were clear, the spot on my spine again showed no change, but now I have another 2-3cm. spot on my pelvis. I can't flippin believe it, so Doc. gave me a choice wait 90 days and re-scan or start alimta once a month for 90 days and re-scan. My wife and I decided to start the treatment, I'm still stumped why he gave me a choice and honestly I think I was in so much shock with the news that I didn't ask what do you mean wait 90 days? It just seems weird if this is a second met why wait to treat obviously after almost 4 years something stirred the pot and got this going again. I have heard and read alot of good things about alimta any other comments you have please let me know, remember i'm a chemo rookie again also did I mention that cancer flippin sucks! Thanks for listening.


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Hey Steve-

Good to hear from ya!!! It sure has been a while.

I was on Alimta for 16 cycles. The biggest side effects are fatigue and SOB. It was beginning to get to me and then I showed progression on it so they took me off of it.

Don't know either why Dr. M. told you that (you remember we have the same onc). Maybe his head is still spinning from the tiff him and I had. I am personally getting a little disappointed in him.

What day of the week will you be going for chemo. Maybe we will run into each other at Taussig.

Hugs - Patti B.

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It's great hearing from you, and knowing that things have been going well for the most part. That young man of yours looks like a wonderful kid.

The cancergrace.org/forums thread here contains consolidated master lists of Alimta-ralated GRACE essay posts, GRACE forum posts, and archived OncTalk forum posts:


This is the Alimta counterpart of the Tarceva master lists I've been recommending for a while. I might be spending some time there myself before too long...



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Hi Steve. Apologies for my delay in responding. Yes cancer does suck big time. Wishing you the best with your decisions.

I had 3 alitma treatments and unfortunately was one of the rare people who didn't tolerate it very well. It wiped me right out and so we moved on to gemzar, that was terrible as well and am now on tarceva. Best of luck to you on Alimta.


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