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Getting to Know You - Thursday


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Absolutely. I was telling Muriel recently that I've belonged to an orchid growers club for years but recently met some lively garden club members. I told them I was thinking of joining and one woman's response cinched it. Referring to the orchid club members, she said "oh they take themselves so very seriously but we don't." Guess what meetings I'm going to now!

Judy in Key West

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OK, so this is getting to know you (me), huh?

Well, you remember the kid that didn't quite fit in cause he didn't get the jokes and smiled uneasily when stuff wasn't funny? Yea, that kid was me. Took me the majority of my life to figure out when it was a joke and when people were serious. Heck, I mean, after all what people mean and what they say is only connected (or disconnected) by the subtle personality tones. What happens when one is personality tone deaf? I am the result. I still mess up on occasion but I've gotten better in the last decade or so with taking it easy and just enjoying life. Still, whether someone is laughing or not, if they voice an obvious and dangerous error, I have to yank hard on my mental reigns before I open my mouth, cause sure what's fixin' to come out is some really uptight, mood bustin' stuff. I can even shut up and not say a word about it most of the time now, but it won't leave my mind for hours and then the horrifying self destructive thoughts begin..."What if that person hurts themselves or someone else with their aloof attitude about that 'whatever' and I didn't say anything?" Like I say, I've worked hard at normalizing, but please don't forget that it's a compulsive disorder that we uptight mood busters have and so far there ain't no legal pill for it. When I get it, I usually enjoy it. When I don't get it, and I don't want to bust your mood by making you e-x-p-l-a-i-n your nuance, I'll just smile uneasily. So now you know what that smile is all about.

:D Smile anyway, it makes your face happy.

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