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My 59 year old mother as recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. She had her biopsy done on Monday and we go see the doctor on the 11th of December for the results. At this point all we know is that she as a 4cm lesion on her right lung and that 3 of her lymphnoids are swollen near her heart.

Everything as gone fast, on the 4th of November a spot was seen on her x-ray, the 14th we went in for a CT Scan and the next day the doctor called her with the results that it was indeed cancer, now the biopsy as been done and we are waiting for those results.

The hardest part is the waiting....we are all so anxious and my poor mother is so nerved up. I have been the one elected in the family to be her strong one and I am proud to say I am doing a good job around her, I let it out only when she is not there.

Anyway I just needed to find somewhere where I know I can ask questions and maybe vent a little and help ease this big ball in my stomach.

Thank you for listening and any advise is very welcome.


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Hi Monique

Welcome to this great site but sorry you have a reason to be here.

Everything can be very overwhelming at the beginning. It is really a good thing that after it was discovered, everything is moving so fast. Most of us find that after you get all the information and a treatment plan is in place it do get a little easier. Mine was discovered by accident on an x-ray as well. You will find members here are great and have alot of knowledge. Please keep us updated as you get more information. We are also great listener's if you feel the need to vent. Take care.

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Hi Monique. So sorry to hear about your mom. But you have found a great place of support and information. I wish I had found it earlier. The beginning is so scary. Until you have a treatment plan in place, and then you might find that you can take a deep breath and focus on the treatment plan instead of the not knowing feeling. Being the strong one is tough, I am the strong one in my case, so be sure to give yourself the opportunity to let it out as well. Take care and please keep us posted on how you and your mom are doing.


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Hello Monique and welcome to the family

I am so sorry about your Mom's diagnosis but glad you have found this site and joined us. This is the best site for comfort, support, information and understanding and most importantly, HOPE.

The beginning of this is very overwhelming as there is so much information being tossed at you and your Mom. Be sure and write EVERYTHING down, including your own questions and concerns and ask for copies of ALL test results. Keep all of your information in a notebook or an organizer so it is always in one spot. Don't be afraid to ask for more information either from the doctors or from us. Knowledge is power!

I truly hope you will continue to post and keep us informed on your Mom...



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Monique, as you can see, the members are great here. It is the perfect place to come for information and certainly to vent. That's an important thing for you to do to help you get through this, especially if the family always expects you to be strong. Keep us posted as things develop.

Judy in Key West

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Hi, Monique, here's one more welcome to add to your list. Give us the specifics as you learn them — such as specific type of lung cancer, stage, what chemo treatments are being suggested — and our terrific members will help you through this. We're now part of your family too. Aloha,


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