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Gianni went for an MRI on the brain and ct scan on chest and liver on Thursday. The doc called on Saturday to have me bring in cds of his previous tests(we changed the site of his tests). Then he said that the preliminary(sp?) results showed the ct stayed the same. No results of MRI-happy- but afraid to post so I would not jinx the other results not sure if this included the liver.

We were supposed to go to docs yesterday, but typical in MI we had a horrible snow storm. It was at it's worst when we were to go. So we didn't see the doc. This morning I talked to him and he said brain, liver and lung showed that the disease was "very stable"-his words. I still have to get the cds to him and we should get an appt next week-waiting for a callback.

Thanks for all your prayers-keep them coming(I know I don't have to ask).



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Rosanne & Gianni;

Way to go GIANNI!!! YOU GO MY FREIND!! YOU JUST KEEP BEATING THIS CRUD!!! WOW.... Good News!!! Rosanne, I can see your smiling face in Minnesota. (oh maybe that's my smile, because WE didn't get any of that snow!) :wink::lol::lol::wink: Just missed us!!! YIPPIE!!!

Good News for you BOTH! Thanks for sharing with us.

I will continue with my prayers.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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