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brain met


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Are there any long term survivors that have had brain met? I was 3a and recently had seizure. Brain met. Had stereotatctic radiosurgery. Off to schedule pet. So very scared . Thanks for any help. Is there somthing I should be asking for? c

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Hello and Welcome to the family!

In answer to your question yes there are survivors here that have had brain mets. I am sure you will be hearing from them soon!

I wanted to welcome you to the site and let you know that we are here for you in whatever way we can be. Please don't hesistate to post and ask us for any help as there is always someone here who can offer advice and support.



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Hi jam and welcome. I can appreciate how scared you must be. But as Chris says there are others here who have experienced similar and so there is always HOPE. This is a great site for support and advice. I hope you stick around and keep us posted on how you are doing. In the meantime please take good care


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Yep there sure are...Col's cancer was discovered accidentally after a brain met caused more problems than we can list...She is Stage IV. Had surgery to remove the brain met, did chemo, WBR, and lung radiation and is now on Tarceva....Over 2 years...In fact, Saturday will be 2 years two months since DX...I believe that's well qualified as long term survivor...ANd you'll find more here who have been longer.

Hang in there...there are many many people who respond well to treatment.

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Hello Jam,

Yes, Jam, there are survivors of brain mets. My husband was diagnosed with a single, inoperable brain met (mid-brain) a year and a half ago. It was in June of 2007. He had whole brain radiation, and was told if there was a recurrence they could do a more pinpointed radiation (proton).

He has been through many treatments since his original diagnosis (turned IIIB/IV adenocarcinoma nsclc within one year of initial diagnosis of IIIB).

It all began four years ago this December. He is presently on Tarceva and seems to be doing well. We go out, do things, and accomplish daily activities.

I am sure there will be others who will give you hope and welcome you to this wonderfully caring site.

Wishing you the best, and sending you good vibes, and positive thoughts,


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Hi Jam

I understand how very scared you must be - because I remember like yesterday the day the doctor told me I had mets to the brain - but on December 22 I will be a two year survivor of Stage IV cancer! I am active and happy and doing well - There is always hope!

I will add you to my prayers,

peace - Janet

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jam, I notice it's been a few days since you posted and people have come in to offer encouragement. I'm weighing in a little late and do not have direct experience with brain mets, but I want you to know I'm wishing you all the best. How are you doing now? Did you get the PET? As people here often point out, the beginning is the scariest. It really helps when the doctors put a plan in place. Keep us posted.

Judy in Key West

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