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Greg is in the hosp


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Greg is in the hosp. Unable to start chemo for awhile til he is strong again.. He had been battling pneumonia since before christmas. After 3 visits to the doc and Er they finally admitted him Sunday Night.. Had fever of 102 and fuid in his lungs.He had Siaciatic and pneumonia together so he was unable to move around which doesn't help when you've got pneumonia.. Anyway they took a liter and 1/4 of fluid from around his left lung yesterday so he can now take a ddep breath. They have had him on IV antibiotics steroids and musinex to help with the congestion. He is coughing less now and hope to have him home by the weekend. He is able to move around better too.. All is healing together.. He had ct mri bone scan showed mets in the brain and bone in his leg and ankle also spot on his buttock may be causing sciatica. He is going to have radiation on met in brain and chemo when he is strong enough.. Dr has him resting for now with nothing planned til he is a little better. Just want to have him better and home.. It is tought o be in two pl;aces at once home with the kids and at the hosp to see the Drs..

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Tammy, I am so sorry to hear you guys are having such a tough time. I can relate as Tom was also hospitalized last month for pneumonia and is still trying to battle back. He is home on O2 and steroids and very weak and is still coughing. It is very rough. I pray that Greg gets better soon so he can resume treatment.



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Sorry to hear of Greg's metastasis, but glad he's improving in terms of side effects and symptoms. Hope he makes it home forthe weekend and in the meantime, hats off to you for being there for him and the kids, too. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you. Don't forget to take care of yourself.



PS to Denise: Ditto to you and Tom!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--George Carlin

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After 5 days of anbiotics, many breathing treatments, steroids and having pint and a quarter of fluid removed he is breathing easier and getting the gunk out of his lungs doc ids looking to send hoim home Saturday with no o2 or treatments.. He should ci-ontinue to gwete stronger for a couple of days with therapy at the hosp just to get his strength up. It is very tough for a 41 year old man to deal with being laid up and dependent on others for alot.. He has a radiation apt next week for the met in his brain one treatment should take care of it. I guess it is in a great location to take care of easily. Chemo is tenatively scheduled for Week of the Jan 19th. Thats what we're all aiming for Doc says he should be up to chemo by then and we want to get hte radiation treatment done quickly before that.. Thanks for all your help will update soon.

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