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I'm Jane, new to the site.

I was in the hospital in August 2008 with a non-related problem and a small nodule was found (incidentally) on my right lung, upper lobe. The upshot was that the upper lobe was removed in October 08 along with several lymph glands and extra tissue. I do not have to have any chemo or radiation but can't get over the idea of "What next?"

I am hopeful that someone else is as lucky as I have been and can help me with the 'Why me' syndrome.


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Welcome, Jane.

Easiest answer to "Why me?" is "Why NOT you?" Puts it all in perspective if you truly think about it - if you could pass it on to someone else, how would you choose, and whom?

Did you have a second opinion on your after surgery treatment? Most folks on here have chemo and radiation after surgery now - in my case, I just had radiation after surgery followed by a short stint in a clinical trial.

Congratulations on surviving diagnosis and getting through surgery. Big steps in the journey!

Again, welcome!


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Hi Jane

Welcome to this great site. Like you, mine was found by accident as well. I had my upper left lobe removed in September 2007. I was also told that I did not require chemo or radiation. I asked for a second opinion as well as asked the opinion of members on here. After getting all the information, I elected to have 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo. I would recommend that you ask your Oncologist for information on it. Please keep us updated on your progress. Take care.

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Welcome Jane. I have a good friend that was diagnosed like you and had a lobe revoved about 6 yrs ago and is still doing fine. Glad yours was diagnosed early. There is a good percentage that find another lump or find it has gone to another place. It could be microscopic now but grow later that is why many doctors have suggested a round of chemo to be sure no stray cell survives and gets that chance to grow. It is something to think about. Keep us posted, when is your follow up scan?

Donna G

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Welcome, Jane. Glad you found us. I was also diagnosed with a fairly small nodule and had surgery. Because pretty much all the studies that have been done have not shown a benefit from adjuvant chemo for stage I patients, many doctors don't recommend it. While my surgeon thought my cancer was stage I, he was saying I wouldn't need chemo.

My cancer ended up being stage II, because of a single cancerous lymph node, and the studies done have shown a lower recurrence rate for stage II with chemo, so I did the chemo. Almost all doctors seem to recommend it for stage II patients.

If you are stage I, you can find doctors on both sides of the fence, when it comes to adjuvant chemo. You'll really need to do your own research and make up your own mind. Most stage I people here seem to have chosen the chemo. Good luck, whatever you decide, and keep us updated.

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Jane, no why mes, just thank your luck stars! If you have to get it, you can't beat stage 1. I agree with the others who say do your research and make up your own mind about the chemo. A second opinion would help in that process if your insurance will allow it.

Judy in Key West

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