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Neulasta Shot


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  • Still trying to find some answers or feedback on the side effects of taking the Neulasta shot the day following Chemo treatment. First shot, although bone pain was bad, it was bearable. Second shot, bone pain was unbearable and I was laid up in bed for 5 days. I was told to take tylenol for pain (it did absolutely nothing).
    I'm looking to see if taking a lower dose of the shot, or getting something stronger for the pain will help. Since I belong to AA, I am not suppose to take narcotics. Because of the Chemo, I am not suppose to take anything with aspirin. Is there anything else out there.
    Have my 3rd Chemo on Mon. (1/26/09) with the shot the following day. Know I should continue with the shot in order to prevent infection, but cannot go through another session like the last one.
    Any help with be greatly appreciated. Will be awaiting your replies. Thanking you in advance, Ceedee

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Ibuprofen (Advil) got some more votes in your other thread here:

http://lungevity.org/l_community/viewto ... highlight=

...but doesn't Advil have aspirin???

I'm not a pharmacist, but I found this on the Web:

Ibuprofen is a pain reliever with anti-inflammatory effects. It is not aspirin, but some persons with sensitivity or allergy to aspirin may have the same reaction to ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is especially helpful for the pain of bruises and sprains. Its anti-inflammatory effects make it useful for tendonitis. Common brands include Advil, Motrin IB, and Nuprin. Ibuprofen is usually well-tolerated by the stomach. The pills should be taken with food (if possible) to prevent stomach upset. Ibuprofen does have some aspirin-like effects on the stomach, so persons with active ulcers or sensitive stomachs should avoid ibuprofen. There is a mild anticoagulant (blood thinning) effect lasting a few hours. Medicines of this class can reduce the effectiveness of some blood pressure medications and diuretics (water pills). If you're being treated for other health problems, ask your doctor how often (or if) you can take ibuprofen.


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Hi CeeDee

My husband had that horrible Neulasta shot that unfortunately also gave him horrible bone pain. One time we actually went to emergency.

His Onochologist changed it to the day following Chemo to the 2nd day and that helped.

I am sorry for what he went through that could be a nasty shot. It doesn't effect everyone the same way but it looks like my husand went through the same thing.

If he is still on the shot see if they could wait till the 2nd say after.


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Dear Mary Anne,

Thanks for answering. Oddly enough, both previous shots were given on the 2nd day, due to bad weather and driving conditions on the first day following treatment. For me that obviously is not the answer. Had 4th Chemo today and since all my blood work looked really good, the Dr. decided to forego the shot this time. Here's hoping I don't have another 5 days like it did last time. God willing. Ceedee

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Dear Susan,

Thanks so much for the feedback. Have taken note of your advise for future reference. Had 4th Chemo today and because all the blood work looked so good, Dr. decided to forego the shot for this round. We will see what happens when I am due for the 5th session. If I need the shot next time, will keep your solution in mind.

Thanks again for the help. Ceedee

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