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We have shrinkage!

Guest bbypookins

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Guest bbypookins

I am so thrilled to report that Mom had a CT scan last week to see how she was progressing with her chemo, and after stressing for a week before finding out the results, we had our first good news in three months...a 25% shrinkage! We are so happy. :P The onc had said there was only a 20-30% chance of that happening, so we were really only hoping for there to be no growth. We were very pleasantly surprised, to say the least. She had been feeling really poorly the last couple weeks. She kept insisting she had the flu or something, but I'm sure it was just side affects from the chemo. She hasn't done any research or anything so she doesn't really know what to expect with her treatments, or with the cancer, for that matter. She doesn't want to. Anyway, she had a blood transfusion a couple days ago and feels much better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will have more good news in the future. At least we'll have a much happier holiday! Hope you all do too!!

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