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Back by popular demand--I'll try posting one from time to time and see what happens.

It is a beautiful sunny day in Key West but I want to turn off the space heaters that we run at night and in the morning. They are wrecking havoc on our electric bill that we worked very hard to cut down.

Stan and I are having fun this week. We've had friends in town who are staying in town, not with us, and we just get together for dinner here or lunch in town. We just got word another couple will arrive today and be calling on us. I'm feeling like a real retired senior and I love it! I can remember how biterly I railed from time to time against the life I was living (but I was living!) last year. Stan's a gem and took it in stride but I know it was hard on him. Well what's happened is, every day this week I've thought, damn life is good! For those of you still in the tough times of difficult treatments, hang in there. It can get way better.

Judy in Key West

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It's a beautiful morning here in Palm Bay, Florida. The temperature is in the low 70's and the skies are that beautiful brilliant blue. I'm actually having a really good hair day today, as the humidity is low. We are really dry here, as we have had only trace amounts of rain all winter.

I've been in a great mood all week and can only attribute it to Spring Fever. Since living in Florida, spring is my favorite season. When I lived in Tennessee, fall was definitely my favorite. Every year, just about this time, I get the urge to do things associated with spring. I want to clean house, plant flowers and attend every weekend outdoor festival being held. Of course, I don't have a green thumb so the flowers don't always do so well.

Lots of things going on this weekend. On Saturday, we have the Grant Seafood Festival. I wait all year for this. Grant is a quaint little town, filled with lots of Florida "cracker" homes and people. People come from all over the country for this event. The town has volunteers that cook and serve the food....all kinds of seafood. It's wonderful!!! They have bands, crafters and it's just a great time.

Sunday is my middle son's birthday. He is a pizza lover, so instead of going out for dinner or ordering pizza in, we're all going to make pizza. I'm going to have dough, sauce and lots of toppings ready. The DIL's are bringing their pizza stones ( I have 2) and we're just going to have fun, make a huge mess and eat lots of pizza. Ella, who is now 2, loves to be in the kitchen and she loves putting toppings on pizza. She already has her little apron.

So...today is beautiful here in sunny central Florida!!!

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Tuesday and Wenesday were nice days here,it got up in the sixties so I was able to get my little honda 250 out and ride it a little. Today is back to windy and chilly again. Im catholic so I stayed away from meat yesterday(ash wenesday) but I think Im gonna have some big juicy hamburgers today! I dont know how those vegatarians do it!

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Well it has been a busy day here. Mowed the lawn this afternoon. Transplanted a couple birch tree's. Watered the flowers. Weeded the potato garden.

Geez you think I lived in B.C. LOL

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