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Getting to KNow You - Monday. March 2


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This was a strange question for me to be asking, as I don't know the answer...lol!!! I absolutely love cookbooks and have way too many of them. But...when I try and tell myself that I rarely use them and need to find homes for them, I just can't do it. I have a cookbook that was printed in 1902 that belonged to my grandmother.

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A bit over 200.

The oldest is probably one I bought for my Mom "The Fireside Cookbook" by James Beard, published 1949. It has great illustrations by Alice and Martin Provensen. I also inherited her copy of "Cooking for Company" by Ruth Miils Teague, published in 1950. The photos would make you gag, especially the chicken mousses and timbales.

With the blended library, there are three (3!) on cooking bugs.

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Probably twenty or thirty. One is 45 years old. It was a wedding gift and is all taped up to keep it together LOL. The most unique are three fat three-ring binder photo albums I made before I left Kutztown for Key West. I told myself I couldn't take all those recipes unless they were organized so one for Meat and Seafood; one for Eggs, Veggies, Breads and Appetizers; and the third for Sweets. And now I don't cook! My husband occasionally asks for one and I'm thrilled when he does.

Judy in Key West

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