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Hi Randy,

It's March Break where I live (near Toronto) and a lot of people go south or on holidays so maybe it's that northern let's get rid of the winter blahs time!

Also, I don't mean to be upsetting, but I discovered another lung cancer discussion group called Inspire a few months ago that has tons of people on it and many new discussions and stories every day and I have noticed more than a few members there from here. One even said in one of her postings that she was not "comfortable" here anymore. Why, I do not know and did not ask.

I find the two groups have different approaches and I appreciate them both very much.


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Well I have been around. It is spring break here as well so that may be the reason for it being a bit quieter. But I too have noticed that in general, postings here have really dropped off. Why I am not sure but it has happened before from time to time and then things have picked up. So hopefully it is just because people are out and about and enjoying life and will come back when they need to.


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Sorry, left town without a hall pass! Had a nice change of scenery weekend in San Francisco before the daily radiation grind starts next week. Saw some old friends, ate some good food, and enjoyed some blue sky days.

Oh, taxes, yes, on my agenda too.

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I am here Randy. I was gone on my anual visit with my family in Louisiana for nearly 2 months. I have been home nearly two weeks and just got caught up finally yesterday. I had a lot of cleaning to do. Can you believe that a house that is closed up tight can have so much dust that you have sneezing and coughing fits? Well I took care of that but my back and legs will pay for it for awhile.

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Hi Randy

I read posts and reply where I feel I can/should but have made the difficult decision (and yes this time it is for real) to venture forth into my own things and projects.

Past incidents have played into my decisions and I am feeling better off not making myself a target here any longer. I tend to tell it as I see it and that is not always what some people here need or want to hear and I know that's not conducive to my being much help these days.

I do keep up with those people who have made a difference in my life and I continue to try and do the same for them, just on a different level now.

Thank you for posting this thread though as it has been so quiet here for a very, very long time. I hope it will pick up soon


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