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Saturday's Air


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Good Morning Everyone.

Today is Vivienne's baby shower and it will be a long day with lots of people crowding my little house. The temp is only 32 and we are expecting rain with possible snow so we wont be able to hang outside. But with a gathering of friends and family you can't go wrong.

Today will be the first time GiGi (my mom) will see Dakota. He is 6 months old today and weighs in at 22 lbs and is 28 1/2 inches long. That is one big boy.

There are only 4 weeks left to go. Due day is fast approaching.

Have a great day all.


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While I've been on break, I've checked in and read on cancer support websites from time to time. Today is the first time I posted on cancergrace because a FIL described his SIL's case which sounded similar to mine and I wanted to offer encouragement. I went on another site I'd joined before LCSC (didn't post tho) and saw a "Good Morning" thread. It made me nostalgic for the Air so when I saw you started one, I wanted to say Good Morning Denise!

I'm sure the baby shower will be wonderful. I like your attitude about the weather and being together with family being a joy in itself. How wonderful for your mother to finally meet Dakota--and I think six months is a wonderous age.

Have a great day!

Judy in Key West

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Denise - have a wonderful day!! Don't forget to stop being the hostess for a bit and just enjoy yourself!

I just finished giving my dog a bath. He is a golden retriever - no easy feat! Now i have to clean the whole bathroom - the upstairs floor - and myself!

Judy - i was just in jersey for a week - and got to stop at the shore and breath in the ocean. I live on the Long Island sound - but nothing brings me back to happy thoughts like the jersey shore!

So glad to see the "air" today! Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Peace - Janet

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Good afternoon! I'm glad you started this up today Denise. Hope you all have a wonderful time at the shower. Sorry about your weather today, tho.

Good to see you back for a moment - or longer - Judy. You've been missed. Janet, I'd love to send my Golden to you. Bailey really needs a bath and I'm sure you'd do a good job. Don't worry about grooming, except for triming his nails and the long fur on his feet. Thanks, so much. No, I don't know where you live, but we'll find you.

Hope everyone has a good day!


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Hi everyone.I never did really participate much in the air but I do miss it when no one posts on it. I was at walmart yesterday and they would have ya beleive its summer already with all their lawn and garden stuff out already. I learned my lesson about planting my tomatoes to early. Have a good day everyone.

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I too have missed the The Air. I haven't participated as regularly as some, but when I did it provided an outlet that was "just right" for whatever I was feeling that particular day. Has anybody heard from Will recently? I know his family had multiple problems from the hurricane that went through a few months ago.

I'm still dealing with my sore/swollen leg, which was determined to be cellulitis rather than a blood clot. That's good news, I guess, but it's still a pain (literally) and holds me back more than I would like. After another session with the heating pad I need to drive up the hill to deliver a printing job, then stop at the drug store for a few things on the way back. My afternoon will be in the garage collating the monthly magazine for the Army spouses club at nearby Schofield Barracks. Anybody wanna help?


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Good afternoon everyone. I too have missed the air. I found it a way to get to know people a little better apart from the information shared on the rest of the site.

I am not up to much today but will be embarking on a baking project with my son a little later.

I have been glued to world figure skating action this week. It is in Los Angeles this year and I have been a big fan for years. I've got a station that airs the whole event and shows every single skater! And that's a lot trust me, even a bit much for me to endure. Just the ladies event to be decided tonight.

I am starting radiation treatments to my spine on Monday. I am hopeful these will provide me with some pain relief as my intake of morphine seems to be on the incline.

Have a great Saturday everyone.


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