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Saw the Pulm today


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Tom went for what he thought was going to be a quick check up with the pulmonolgist today.

It turned out that he met with the respiratory therapist instead. They ran him through a battery of breathing tests. When he was done it took him most of the day to recover his breathing.

The long and short of it is that he will remain on O2. Right now he is on 4 liters and still struggles at times.

The bad news is that the pulmonologist says that the cough he has he will most likely have for the rest of his life.

The good news is that the pneumonia seems to be cleared up.

The fact that he wakes up breathing every morning and can still get himself together everyday and drive around and do things for himself is a plus. You can't beat that with a stick. :D


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Glad to know that the pneumonia has cleared. That is a very good event.

Sorry about the cough, though. I know Bill had one for some time after the initial radiation txs. But, back then it was pneumonitis which did improve over time, and the cough lessened greatly.

Hope for an improvement in that area for Tom, as well.

Again, it's good to see that you and he have seen some good news.


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Hi Denise. I am glad to hear of your mostly good report. Yes, it truly is a blessing that he is able to fend for himself and get out and about. Good for him, he clearly is quite the trooper and it lessens the burden on you a bit. Prayers for continuing good reports.


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Denise, glad to hear about the pneumonia being gone, but sorry to hear about the cough. It seems that those coughs are caused by so many things, especially in cancer patients, that even the doctors can't be sure if when or why they come and go. Just maybe it will get better yet. Tom is such a fighter and a real inspiration, as are you.



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