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Results are in...I'm scared...


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Thank you to everyone who said prayers. We have good news and a bump....

The good news...

There is no sign that there is any active cells AT ALL from the SCLC of 3 years ago. His lungs look great, and they are healing well.

The Bump...

At dad's check up 9 months ago, there was a spot on the CT (he hasn't had PETs) that was about the size of a ball point pen tip. It was in the opposite lung on the far corner. Today, the CT made it "appear" that the ball point pen tip had grown to about the size of an eraser.

The doc said she really isn't worried about this, as on a CT it could be the way he breathed during the scan or left-overs from his recent bronchitis. She told them to not lose sleep over this...however, she did say that she can't wait the now-usual six months, but instead would like to see him in 3 months just to make sure. I had been saying that I hated the 6 month check-ups, so maybe that is my answer...but still, GRRRRR.

Dawn, the doc, seems to think that if it IS something, it is slow growing, thus probably not SCLC. If it IS something, it is unrelated to his original cancer.

So...we are back to worrying. I had gotten pretty used to having those great reports. I know this isn't a BAD report by any means, but it is still a worry, nontheless.

I ask for more prayers, and I ask that if you have any information about what this could be, you let me know...I have counted on you all in the past and you have been so great....thank you, thank you.



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Well the good news is great and should be celebrated. And the bump, well I am sorry that has put everyone in worry mode again for the next number of months. It isn't fair. So more prayers that the worrisome bit is just gone by the time the next scan is done. So deep breaths all around and I am sure there are many of your friends here who will be praying for the best. Take care


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I had about the exact same thing happen to me. 'Something' showed up and my doc said it was very small so he brought me back in 3 months instead of 6. Next visit ----NOTHING. Try to put it aside for these 3 months. Hard to do, I know. But I learned the hard way. I wasted 3 whole months in worry all for NOTHING! Take care and tell dad 'way to go' for me.


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The results sound great , but sorry you have to have a "BUMP". Hope you can keep up the positive thoughts and enjoy until you are given news of something to worry about. I know it's easier said than done, but I've seen things come and go on these scan reports over and over again. Will keep the prayers coming that it's NOTHING.



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Hi Jen....

I read your post and had me in mind also...sorta like the same deal...well ..almost....

I sure hope when your Dad has his scan again it will be normal....about me...I recently had a f/u chest exray and the report from the radioligist said ...normal and minamal thickning due to post surgery....I posted this last week...but anyway...when my surgeon read the film...he said ...the radioligist thinks it is OK and it probably is but he wants me to have a CT /scan on Monday to make sure...I told him I had been sick with upper respiratory infection and he said that 'light part' that he wan't to look at is probably from me being sick but he wants to make sure...

I'm telling you this because your Dad's exray probably showing signs of his cold...Let's pray that your DAd and I have clear scan's...Praise God


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