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Col's Scan Results


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Well, let's at least keep it interesting I guess. After many stables, there appeared to be some minimal growth in two lymph nodes. Could also be remnants of a cold that she had thanks to our loving son Jack who brings home some of the nastiest stuff. Funny it bothers him minimally and kicks the living crud out of Col and I.

At any rate, minimal growth in two lymph nodes. So the Onc. gave her some antibiotics and ordered scans in 2 months, instead of the normal 3. No one seems overly concerned about anything, so we probably shouldn't be either at this point.

Doc isn't rushing to change any treatments just yet, so that's good. It's now just a wait and see. Could be like that fluid around the heart that she had a while back where it just showed up and then went away. Let's hope that's what this does.

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