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Katie did you ever reach Judy-OK


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Hi Katie; I know there was a post here somewhere and you had tried every way to reach Judy-OK and got no answer. Wanted to see if you ever did reach her. I cannot find that other post. I found the first one I posted. You even tried calling.

Thought I would ask while I was here. Came to ask a new question. Thanks,

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Dear Snappy,

I turned over all 3 phone numbers I had for Judy to Katie about 3 or so months ago when you first asked about her. Katie did make mention that these kinds of calls are the hardest calls to make (I totally agree) when our friends don't post on the board for a few months. But, having said that, Katie did say she did try all (3) phone numbers I gave her to her and none of them are working numbers.

Judy use to live in Oklahoma, but I think she moved in with her son in Florida, but that was a while back. And my brain doesn't remember things well.

The last post from Judy was Dec 3, 2008 and she had asked for our prayers while she started her WBR treatments.

Judy has a very common name "Judy Smith". So, I don't know what to tell you. It won't be easy finding her unless someone stayed in close touch with her.

Sorry! Wish I had more information for you. We have SO MANY MANY members who have gone missing. The list is long. Prayers for these great people is about all we can do at times. (sigh)

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Hi Patti; I cannot seem to get her out of my mind. I would let you know if I ever heard but it is not seeming likely.

Connie; thanks for all of the info. I did know about Katie trying to call and that was the last I heard. I also had tried emailing and it didn't come back but also didn't get answered.

Thanks again.

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Dear Snappy and Friends,

I thought I would make one last effort and try calling the Numbers Judy gave me and I did reach a family member at the home # Judy gave me. The family member told me Judy passed away January 25, 2009. I told her family member I would share this news with our members at LCSC.

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Connie, Thank you so very much for making that call. I really apprciate it. How sad. I was afraid of something like that but hoping it was not the case. She always reached out and offered help anytime someone was diagnosed with cancer.

Thanks again,

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I am so sad about this. Judy and I used to email each other periodically and I loved her wit on Tuesday chat night. I, too, was afraid that this would be the reason she had not posted in so long.

My prayers go out to all who knew her.

Hugs - Patti B.

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