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On the road again da da da da on the road again....At least it's NOT a holiday weekend. My husband said it was Labor Day. I told someone who said no, Labor Day is in Sept. Duh. So I thought May, must be Memorial Day (how dense am I?). Someone said no, Memorial Day is at the end of May. I finally went to the offending date book--guess what folks, it is Labor day, in Mexico I guess. It says Labor Day (M)! I also had my MDACC appointments taking place Tuesday--no they are Monday. Oh my, I do hope the MRI doesn't show my brains are totally fried.

Hope you are all having a great day.

Judy in Key West

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Haha Judy - maybe you two have just been sipping too much red wine!!

(although I always do get screwed up with my pocket calendar because it starts on Monday not Sunday!)

it is a rainy spring day here today - i think I will just straighten up the house and sit down with a good book and a cup of coffee - be lazy - its okay - cuz I have cancer! Haha!

I feel like a new woman today - I LOVED my new dermatologist - She is very very well informed about Tarceva - sees most of the Tarceva patients at Yale. After one night of the stuff she has me using - my head is pain and itch free!!!!!!!!! (still bald and ugly - but I won't be too picky!!)

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

peace - Janet

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Oh Judy, you are just too funny sometimes...maybe you are just having a few senior moments!

Janet, wow, so good to hear after just one night that you have improvement with your tarceva troubles.

Another glorious warm sunny day here. My son is still home sick but I am off for coffee with a neighbour. Geesh I sure never did that when I was working! But hey I have cancer...ha ha...just like you Janet, and I guess we do just get to do what we want to do sometimes. We are deserved.

Have a happy Friday all!


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Stayed home the last 3 days. It's beautiful out. I'm baking a lemon sour cream loaf cake, most of which will go to the radiation techs. Ha ha, I have cancer too! Hmm, had, I hope! But radiation is kicking my butt.

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ARGH! Thank God it's Friday, but why is it this date?? All of my finals are next week, or so I thought when I completed two of my classes this week and noted that another has the exam open Monday - Wednesday of next week. Couldn't find the due date for my stats class last night so popped a quick note to the instructor asking when the exam was open. Finally had access to my email at 3:00 this afternoon (testing center closes at 2:30) and his reply was that today was the last day the test was open! ARGH! Hoping to be allowed to take it Monday...

I'll be taking the other course on Monday so I can sit with my mother Tuesday (and I don't know what Wednesday will bring). My father has busted up his leg/ankle really bad and is having surgery Tuesday to put in plates and pins.

Stress? I don't have no stinkin' stress!

Now, on the bright side, obviously, if I can't make up my final, I will have to re-take the test. Maybe the second time through, the ideas will stick in my brain for longer than five minutes!

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The other day I mentioned to my wife how its kind of strange that I very rarely get a cold since they removed my lung. She said that maybe it is because Im not around large groups of people like I was when I was working. Anyway,yesterday I started sneezzing and today I woke up with the (Mother of all colds.) :evil: When will I learn to keep my mouth shut.

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Ah, the Red Scare! On a happier note, my first daughter was born on Labor Day (the September one) in 1961, and May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii!


Talk about 'Red Scare' -- I just learned from Wikipedia that May 1 was proclaimed 'Loyalty Day' in 1958. Maybe you knew that but I sure never heard of it. Good grief.

A belated happy Lei Day!


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