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Guest Rosie (forgot to log in:)

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Guest Rosie (forgot to log in:)

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if any of you knew of a good Christian book that has helped you through some of this.

If so, would you please let me know what it is?

I'm going to try to get one for my mother for Christmas.

Thanks so much for any input.


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I don't know if it qualifies as a Christian book, but "Chicken Soup for the Cancer Patient's Soul" has some wonderfully uplifting stories in it. It was on every table at our onocologist's office. It also has some pretty sad stories, but all have meaning.

Another book that I got from our doctor's office was "The Cancer Survivor's Cookbook". It had wonderful recipes in it, all kinds of tips for adding calories, making things that might taste good to someone getting chemo etc.

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My best friend just sent me a present, a book called "Cancer Combat, Cancer Survivors Share Their Guerrilla Tactics To Help You Win The Fight Of Your Life" I haven't started it yet, will read it right after Christmas, (too much to do right now :wink: ) Sounds like just what I need to start the New Year out!

I will do a review after the first of the year.


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I have several suggestions Beyond Miracles by Stephen P. Hersh M. D. - Written by a psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of cancer, this book helps bring back a sense of control with its up-to-date information, insights into the changing health care system, and specific advice. It includes information on how to manage stress and pain, how to communicate with your doctor, what to eat, and approaches to alternative treatments. The book also deals with such life issues as sexuality, living with uncertainty, and spirituality in a time of profound crisis.

Living well with cancer by Katen Moore, Libby Schmais. Offers cancer patients and their caregivers the information and options they need to cope with and manage the side effects of cancer and its treatment.

My favorite When Life becomes Precious by Elise Needell Babcock. Provides step-by-step information for the caregivers of cancer patients, offering advice on being appropriately supportive, handling special occasions, explaining cancer to children, making worthwhile gestures, and balancing care for oneself.

These can be checked out at your local library, purchased at amazon.com or Books a Million.

Hugs Lillie

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There were a few books that I've read that I found helpful.

1. "When God and Cancer Meet" by Lynn Eib. Excellent

2. "A Bend in the Road: Experiencing God When Your World Caves In" by David Jeremiah. Very Very Good

3. I think the title is "Victory Over Depression" by Bob George. This was also very good, although more about handling depression and not necessarily cancer.

Bob George also has a rather extensive list of christian books that he's written. I like his writing style because it isn't all bible verses and preaching. It is written in common language with logic and everyday examples and stories.

Good Luck, and God Bless You,


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Rosie, you can also do a search on Amazon.com for the kind of book you are looking for and it will give you some ideas of books out there.

I would also like to say that this board has helped me a lot so far in dealing with my mother's illness and treatments. Reading about everyone else's experiences and advice is very therapeutic to me. THANK YOU ALL!!!

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When Dave was diagnosed last March, I went to one of our local Christian bookstores and bought a book called "The Beginners Guide to Intercession" by Dutch Sheets. I hadn't been much of a praying person in the past, had wanted to learn to pray better, and all of a sudden, I felt like it was time to get on the stick! I picked up this book, and I learned so much about prayer, how to talk to God, how to ask for help. It's not a book about Christianity and cancer, but it was very helpful to me. After that I began praying every day and got more and more comfortable with that. So far, I feel very confident that God has really been listening to me!

I also like the book Don Wood mentioned (am having a brain blockage right now, can't remember it's name).

Good luck!

Karen C.

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