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Tired and Stressed and Scared

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A week ago yesterday I came home from work early cuz Glenn wasn't feelng well. Thought it was his chemo. Long story short, he caught the intestinal flu and in 7 hours was so dehydrated I had to call the rescue squad. He's been in the hospital ever since.

Good news is that he is finally feeling better! He's had every test possible and they've ruled out other problems. He is still having diarrhea and will be in the hospital until he stops and his electrolytes are balanced. Doc said it could be a couple of weeks!

My dog is also in the vet hospital after complications from surgery. So I'm going from Glenn's hospital to Dizzy's hospital to home to take care of the kids. I've got good support so my kids have been taken care of and seem to be doing okay. My 15 year old was there the nite Glenn collapsed, but he seems to be handling it well.

For us, Glenn has been able to get around well and is not on O2. So this was a rapid and scary decliine in his health. He was completely unable to care for himself for days, physically and mentally. Disoriented from the dehydration and too weak to make it to the bathroom. Doc says he will bounce back but it's still scary.

I hate seeing him like this - cancer is such an evil disease. I think most of us know when we get married that some day we will be taking care of our spouse, so I'm not upset about doing the basics. It's just such a shock to be doing it this young.

Still, I know we are blessed to have made it this far together and that Glenn has been relatively healthy until now. I keep focusing on that as well as the fact that both Glenn and Dizzy are making progress this week. Hopefully I will be able to bring them both home in a few days.

Thanks for providing this place for me to vent. It makes a big difference.

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It sounds like you have more than a full plate right now. I'm sorry to hear than Glenn is having such a rough time. But it sounds like the hospital is right where he needs to be. Dehydration is nothing to mess around with. With the treatments everything is going to hit him harder than it would normally.

I hope you are able to take enough time to get some rest between hosptials (hubby and dog) and kids. I'm glad to hear that you have a good support system in place. Sometime you just need to vent and, well, that's what we are here for!



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As someone who has benefited so much from this site, glad you have it. Hope your husband and pet are both up and around soon. Bad as the hospital is, it's sometimes the best place to be. Take care and try to get some rest yourself.

Judy in Key West

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So sorry you have so much you are going through right now. I just recently had a case of dehydration, I did not need to be hospitalized but still felt so horrible - I can't even fathom what it must be like to be so bad that you need to be hospitalized!!!! And of course, our pets are our "family" and that is so hard on us to have them sick, too.

Glad you have a good support system, please let them help you in any way they can. Ask for someone to help with meals, with the kids, with driving. You cannot afford to get sick, too.

And, yes, come here to vent - we have all had those bad times when we need to be picked up - and noone understands more than us who have been there, done that!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi Kukla

I'm sorry to hear that you are all going through a bad time with everything right now. I'm glad to hear that Glenn and Dizzy are both recovering and am sending some positive thoughts that you have them both home with you soon! (((HUGS)))

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Seriously, being a caregiver is often, maybe even usually, harder than being a patient. The patient can be out of it and oblivious to other responsibilities, but the caregiver still has and still feels the weight of the world bearing down on those tired shoulders. To make it even worse, when the caregiver sees acquaintances, they always ask, "How is so-and-so?" — never "How are you?"


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Hey Kukla. The world is really socking it to you right now. Of course you are tired and scared and stressed. Glad to hear that both hubby and dog are on the mend though. Hopefully things will settle down to a dull roar for you soon. In the meantime keep accepting all the help that is offered and make sure you are getting much needed rest.


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