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It is that time again.


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Hi Delaware Valley friends,

It is getting close to our quarterly luncheon at Kildare's Irish Pub. What a great tradition this has become.

Saturday, June 27th at noon.

Come one, come all.

Let me know if you are coming - or - if you are not coming. You know I am a nag.

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I'll pencil us in for then...but I reserve the right to cancel at any time should I have to play golf that day. I have three club matches that need to be played in June, so there's at least 3 weekend days...And scheduling will be at the mercy of what's most convinient for myself and my opponent.

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You know Fred and I are in. I also know there are PLENTY of readers close enough to come out with us. Would it entice anyone if we were to offer door prizes or something? So..........if anyone is out there reading, we'd love to have you come on out! You don't have to know us already ~ just show up and have a great time. Ginny offers free golf lessons, Ellen offers diet tips, Mayanne and Joel offer marriage counseling services (they've been married so long they are EXPERTS), Col, JB, and JAck provide the 'FUN' factor. Fred and I do NOTHING but show up and enjoy everyone else.


PS: Gail, if you're out there, we MISS you!

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Alright...Just wanted to let you all know that Col and I can't attend the lunch on the 27th. I never pay attention to dates, so I didn't realize that I had a cousin getting married that day in Harrisburg. Oh well...See you all at the next one I guess.

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