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need e-mail buddies with diagnosis, scared.

jill v

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In west palm beach florida need buddies for e-mail communication. Need people going thru similar thoughts, feelings and fears as I am, after being diagnosed and going thru treatments.Please, I need to be able to communicate.Don't do that well alone.Thanks :cry::( :scared

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Jill Your doing good here Just write your questions and we can answer them or guide you to the answer.. You will get a notification in your Email that an answer has been posted. Ask away We have all been through this and want to Help out wherever we can !!

If you look at the top row by the profile button you can click on profile and tell us whats going on with your diagnosis!! Your test results. anything that relates to the medical treatment you are getting. If you go to the forum relating to your question, Say its a question about a treatment you are getting You would click on General and then New Post and then type in your question. If Ya have a Joke to share the Just for Fun forum works...

Hang in there and we are here to help. You are not alone by any means......

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Am I in contact with you.Thanks for the responce. Where do I write things.The profile took me back to where I registered.I was soo excited that I reached a person who got back to me.Thanks.I'll wait before I write more.

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If you want to contact people through email, that is fine, but a lot of people just post on the board and receive more than just the one response that an email would elicit. Many times, there a quite a few people going through the same thing and handling it in different ways.

Just lay it out here and you'll get responses. You can read my profile at the end, but I do remember the terror of the early days and not knowing how anything would turn out. I think all-in-all, it's the fear of the unknown that scares the crap out of most us.

One thing that helped me was the mantra "it is what it is." Nothing I do in the present will change the past, and the future is always unknown. Just live in the here and now. If you find you've reached the end of your rope, just tie a knot and hang on.

The best to you,


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jill v, glad you found us but as we often say--sorry you had to find us. You are getting the knack of posting it seems. You will catch on to different skills as you go with plenty of people with the savy and patience to teach them.

Like Becky said, the beginning is terrifying. Where are you in your process? What's your dx and do you have a treatment plan? I promise with the help of this site, it will get easier. Don't know how I would have gotten through my first year without this site.

Judy in Key West

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