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I slept....


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Last night is the first night in months that I have slept soundly. I fell asleep on the sofa at around 10:30pm, with the dog and a nice warm quilt, and my darling hubby left me to sleep when he went up to bed. I didn't wake again until 7am when I heard a torrent of rain!! But I went back to sleep and didn't wake until around 9:30am.

I feel a little 'out of sorts', I think I had a little too much sleep, but I'm guessing I must have really needed it.

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Caren, so glad you finally got a good night's sleep. It is often the best medicine for much of what ails us. It's o.k. to be a little groggy for awhile. Wake up easy and stay feeling well as long as you can.

Judy in Key West

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