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Bittersweet Day


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Hello everyone !

Today is my daughters first birthday !!! BUT this day also marks the exact day four months ago that I lost my mom. It's such a bittersweet day and all I really wish for is that my mom was here to see how big her granddaughter is and how beautiful she is. All I want is for my mom to celebrate this day with us. I miss her something fierce. I know that everyone says "she is with you, she is looking down upon you, etc" But in all honesty, I havent been finding much comfort in those words. I just want her back in our lives so very much.

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Alyssa (((HUGS)))

Happy Birthday to your daughter...my daughter is also celebrating her Birthday today, she is 14. I know exactly how you're feeling, I would love for my dad to be here today and be celebrating with us and, no, words don't always help.

Today also marks exactly 11 years since my husband lost his nan to Stomach Cancer too :(

I'm sure that your mum is very proud of her little Granddaughter and of course of her daughter too!!!

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I know. And I'm sorry.

I am guilty of using those words too and I know firsthand from losing both parents that hearing those words soon after a loss really don't comfort at all....but the fact is, one day you just feel that way. After a lot of time and a lot of healing, thinking that way (that your loved one is still with you) really does bring you comfort. But that's not where you are now.

It's just going to hurt. I'm sorry your mom isn't physically here to share this wonderful day with you and your daughter. The only thing I can share is that by focusing on your daughter on this day, it will make the day about her, and not about what you've all lost, but rather all the wonderful things there is to celebrate about this child and this day.

I hope the day passes gently for you and that you find many things to smile about.



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