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Sunday's Air


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I want this to be an upbeat positive Air so I'll start (through the misery of my sinus haze) with all the good stuff. We arrived early evening in Pittsgrove NJ yesterday and parked behind our friends' pole barn. It is in what you could call a big yard or a small field. They are still not living in the house here but the renovations will be done soon. I got the new satellite TV working for my husband last night so he was happy.

It is a bright sunny day and the temps are still pleasant . My tree is leafed and the bird feeder stocked even though we're only going to be here until this afternoon. Only a couple of birds have visited so far. Most notably a blue jay. We never get blue jays in Key West, not even migrating.

Hope my transfer of prescriptions from Publix to Walmart goes well tomorrow--no Publix here! I'm also going to see a doctor and hope he decides I have a sinus infection. I want drugs--real drug, antibioltics that may kick this thing for good. I've been struggling for more than a month now. I got up this morning (drugged to sleep) feeling great but within an hour the left side of my face--ear, eye, jaw, head--is painful and stuffy.

Hope you all have as beautiful a Sunday as it looks like it's going to be here. The highlight of our day beside short visits with family--Columbus Sale Farmer's Market for the best pizza ever.

Judy in Key West

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I like Blue Jays too Judy. Wanna trade recipe's ??? LOL Just teasing ya.

Overcast in the knife this morning. Had alot of rain overnight but is expected to clear before lunch.

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Today is the final event in the passing of my mother-in-law. We've chartered a catamaran for a 7:30 a.m. departure from Haleiwa Harbor (on Oahu's north shore) to scatter her ashes near the spot where we previously scattered those of my wife's father, uncle, and aunt. After that we'll treat the group of about 20 cousins and spouses to breakfast at a local restaurant.

I've told my wife and kids that when it's my turn they won't be needing a boat — a nice windy mountain pass will do just fine (I was Air Force, remember?). :D


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