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This Thread Has Been To Quiet!


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Hey Dana-

Altho I don't have small cell, I am on a cancer-@ss kicking roll right now, too. So if you need some help in kicking butt, let me know.

Now.............I am worried about you - did anything happen new that made you feel like this or is it just an I hate cancer day (which for me is every day).

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi Dana,

I am doing well. MRI this Friday to see how well the Gamma Knife I had in January is doing (the results in April were encouraging). Saw my oncologist last week and he saw no problems (I see onc every three months, cat scan every 6 months, next cat in October).

Trying to live my life as normal as I can after the wakeup call I recieved nearly 2 years ago.



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Dana, You need to try and learn how to put the cancer issues to rest for about one hour a day, and then 2 hours a day, and then 3 hours a day, and so on and so on and so on. And yes it honestly can be done. HOWEVER, I understand your fears and how this monster takes control of our lives. It's sucks!

I do wish to share with you that I have a few friends also who are long term SCLC Survivors. They aren't on this board, but they are alive and doing just fine today and I might add are completly NED from head to toe. Wendy and Donna G on this board know who I am talking about, because they know them too.

One is a 10 year SCLC Survivor, another is a 9 year SCLC Survivor, and I know another who is a 5 year SCLC Survivor, and I know there are many more in this world just like them. They just don't post to this board is all, but they DO LIVE and they DO EXIST! You HAVE to know you can be a long term survivor too. None of us knows what lies ahead, but today is what counts.

Go and enjoy life. Todays a Gift! Go live it. :wink:

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Hey...we are still out here fighting! We have a new blip but looks not to be small cell. Dad actually has great lungs they told him...even after all the treatments he had 3 years ago for small cell.

Cancer sucks...there really is no way about it, but I am glad you posted this so we can all get on here and say, "Yes, Yeah! Keep fighting!"


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