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Anyone have SCLC followed by NSCLC??


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Many cancers are a group called neuroendocrine lung cancers.

They are SCLC, Large Cell neuroendocrine carcinoma and carcinoid lung cancers.

So SCLC in some cases may actual be diagnosed as LCNEC and vice versa

LCNEC is often treated as SCLC so as far as treatment goes it might not make a difference, it is probably more of a research topic at this point since I don't think it is known what the connections are of the different types

Just to make things more confusing

http://www.cancer.org/docroot/CRI/conte ... mor_56.asp

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NancyB is the person that Ginny is talking about you might want to do a search on her past posts. NancyB has since passed away.

I have heard of a few over the years with both, but I have to say, I think they were dx.d WITH BOTH and not like your dads.

I would like to suggest talking this over with Dr. West.

Good luck to your dad, you and your family.

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