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Thursday's Air


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Morning all! Muggy and overcast this morning in Key West but looks like the sun is trying it's best to show itself. Poor Dominick is waiting to go fishing. Stan went and filled the boat tank this morning but seems to be dragging and using bad weather to avoid going out. I think he's still tired from the long trip.

I'm going to try to pace myself and get a little done but not so much that I'm wiped out by 9 pm like last night. I really tried to nap yesterday but didn't get much more than a little fade out. I'm just not a good napper.

Hope you all have a great day. And Heidi, if you're reading, know I'm thinking about you and hoping all goes well.

Judy in Key West

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I think the official word of the day here on Florida's Space Coast is MUGGY. Muggy....such a strange word. I wonder where and how that word originated? But, regardless ofhow it got started, it's a fitting word today. As soon as I opened my front door this morning, it hit me. So, I guess you can say I was hit with an instant case of mugginess...lol.

They say the unemployment rate is rising daily in Florida but I can tell you that the lawn/landscaping people seem to be doing very well. It's raining so much that the grass needs to be mowed at least once a week and some people are mowing twice a week.

When I came into work this morning, I tried to convince my co-worker, Nick, to tell me it was Friday but he just kept saying....a"almost." I just thought if someone actually said it, it might be so. I know that I don't have to remind any of you that Friday is my very favorite day of the week.

So, I need all of your help with a project I'm in charge of and I know I'll get some good feedback from you all!!! We're having a Sock Hop to raise money for St. Jude's. We did this last year but we just need more ideas to make more money. We're having a great band and lots of food. I just need ideas for money making things that can go on during the dance. I'm working on donations to be auctioned off but I just need some new ideas. I'm even going to share a picture of me in my poodle skirt from last year's Sock Hop.


So, hope everyone is bee-boppin' along today in your little corner of the world!!!



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Ann I love your new avatar picture and the one in your poodle skirt. Unfortunately I dont have any ideas right off the top of my head but if I get some I will let you know.

Judy I am reading very infrequent. Well things are going pretty good. I think as with anyone there are always those things you dont agree with but he is a great person and fun to be around. My sister is absolutely adorable. My grandma is really nice too. Now with that being said I am ready to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss my family especially my little babies and my mom and dad.

OK I have never been off the west coast and let me tell you this humidity and heat here is horrilble. But worse than that I hate the bugs.

Well today I am heading into town and will call fillse (Susan) and see if maybe we can get together tomorrow.

Ok well I hope everyone has a great day. :D

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After more than 20 days 100+ and several days of 100 teens we are on a cool down. Today it is cloudy and cool. May barely reach 80 today. I love it. Too bad thunderstorms come with it in the mountains and have started more fires. Nothing like last year so far but we need prayers to keep it that way.

Ann love the poodle skirt! That brings back so many memories. Your new picture is great too. I still haven't taken the time to learn to post my new picture. In fact I need to take one. I sure sympathize with you and the muggies. I remember that only too well from my years in Louisiana. I will take our dry heat here any day. What makes it bad back there is the humidity comes with the heat. On the West Coast it never gets and hot and hunmid as it does back there. I remember many times when the temperature and the humidity were both near 100%. Ugh

Have you thought about a bake sale at your sock hop? I know that I sent you the praline recipe and I have some really good cookie recipies if you need them.

Well I have to be off. I have to take care of the recycle today and then make an apple cake. My neighbor and his son went perch fishing and brought back two quart bags of perch filets. He gave them to me with the understanding that when I cook them they can have some. So today is the day. His 14 year old son has to leave in a couple of weeks to go back to his mom in Oregon. I had gave him some apple cake the other day and he had a fit over it so I promised him another before he leaves.

I wish you all a good day and keep safe out in that weather. Lillian

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Great ideas are flowing here. Please, keep 'em coming!!!

Lil...Recipes sound great, since you're such a wonderful cook.

Dana....I thought of a Kissin' Booth but I hadn't thought about the Dollar Dance. I love it!!! That will definitely be a go!!!!

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Lily and Dana, I'm glad you're helping Ann out with ideas. I'm fresh out. Not my greatest day today but I'll bounce back. Heidi, glad things have gone well but that you are ready to go home. Say hi to Susan for me. I'd love to be there with you guys.

Judy in Key West

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Ann, I'm sorry that I don't have any money-making ideas either. It sounds like a good event. Your poodle skirt is a riot :lol::lol::lol: and I like the new picture. You look sooooooooooo young. Hmm, you probably are sooooooooooooo young.

I, too, am experiencing mugginess today - seems like the whole summer has been muggy.

Hope everyone has a good day.


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Get out, that poodle skirt pic was last year! You look like a kid from the 50's. :lol:

St. Judes is a great hopital and one that is very well known. You should have no problems getting things for baskets for a chinese auction. Get your people to go to local spas, food establishments, gift shops etc. They would love to donate to a cause like that. Expecially if its tax deductable.

A silent auction works good too... like autographs from major league players.... sometimes on bats, footballs , pictures ect. They usually start the bidding at 100.00. There is usually always someone who knows someone in the sport business. I won a full body scan (which I just used from almost 2 year ago) it was worth 1000.00 and believe it or not no one bidded on that one but me so I got it for $100.00!

Heck you could probably get tickets for the Marlins games for free since no one seems to show up. :roll:

Good luck,

Maryanne :wink:

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Thanks for the compliment, Maryanne. Yep...that was last year.

Thanks for all of the great tips. Unfortunately, our LAUX is a small group and it's hard to get a lot of participation. We don't have anyone that is sports connected, unfortunately. I have asked for donations from several places and still have a ton more to go.

Suggestions.....keep 'em rolling. I know we have some really creative people here!!!

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So sorry your not having a wonderful time Heidi, I do hope you are safe though. Take care of yourself. Ann, I was at a fundraiser a few years ago that had a raffle auction. The raffle items weren't extravagant but alot of fun items and the winner had a choice of keeping it or auctioning it off, then the club got half of the auction proceeds and it went very well and they made quite alot of money. Good luck.


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