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Getting to Know You - Friday, September 11


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I was getting ready for work and my Mom called me and said turn on the news. After the second plane hit, I got in my car and started heading for Mom's house. All the time I was driving airplanes were doing u turns and heading back to KCI, Kansas City International. By the time I got to Mom's the sky was almost empty except for the fighter jets heading out of the airforce base. Most horrific thing I have ever experienced. I can still see it in my mind.


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I was in Louisiana and my husband and I were getting ready for our Tuesday morning coffee at one of his ex co workers home. I was in the bathroom when he told me to hurry and see the plane crash in NY. He said it had hit the World Trade Center. I knew that a plane had hit the Empire State building years ago so at first I didn't think much of it.

He had the tv on Regis and Kelly and they were watching what was happening. That is how I saw the second plane hit and that is when it really hit me what was going on. We had just got to our friends house when they showed the first building start to go down then not long after the second one. I remember seeing the people running and things flying.

Like most everyone else I felt this terrible sadness and a little fear along with anger but I think the one emotion that hit me the hardest was the feeling of being helpless and disbelief along with the feelings of knowing so many were suffering. I think it was the suffering of the ones left behind that really hit me the hardest. What they had to face was so terrible and unrelenting pain. I think if I had to say just one thing that really made me feel the most emotion had to be the pride and I felt for our country. No matter what our political views when push comes to shove we are all of one nation and nothing brings us closer than tragedy.

I know too that later that evening I heard jets go over. In that part of Louisiana you seldom heard a plane. I knew they had to be military planes flying the coast and keeping watch because all air traffic had been stopped. The alternative never occured to me. That was really a frightening feeling, still dispite what had happened I felt safe knowing that we were being protected.

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Larry and I were at work- municipal government. They called us all over to watch the TV. Breaking news, the World Trade Center was hit by an airplane. While we were all watching, the second plane hit. Oh.......then we knew....

We were all frozen, watching the TV, when the first tower fell. We continued watching. The second tower fell. The pentagon. Flight 93. We saw it all as we intently watched that screen.

I remember such a sense of dread. I remember wanting to go home to gather our family together. But we couldn't go. Because we worked for the government. We had to put our families aside and comfort our citizens.

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I'm an accountant (or was till the diagnosis) and was getting ready to take a mandatory class I had that day. Hubby had already left for work ( he was an aerospace engineer for NASA till retirement). Anyway, the first thought I had was my husband's family because most of them still lived in NY. I tried calling for many hours but all the lines were busy. It was a very difficult and emotional time for many that day. I still have a hard time watching television shows about all the sadness. As it turns out all the family was safe but my heart still breaks for those who were lost and the loved ones left behind.

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We were camping on Cape Hatteras, NC. A beautiful sunny day on the Outer Banks, I had turned the TV off about 8.40 and gotten dressed for the day, something made me turn the TV back on in time to see the towers fall.

What an unbelievable sight, (my husband went to NY regularly and the Twin Towers were often visited).

The most impressive part of it all was that within what seemed minutes US flags appeared all over the campground along with"united we stand" written on RV windows.

Our drive back to VT was full of apprehension as we drove the bridge/tunnel system around Norfolk, VA and then on the other side of the river from Manhatten.

It was worse for our families in England who knew we were away but weren't sure where we were.

A date never to be forgotten.


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I was on my way to the airport in Southern California after a family visit. Took another week before before I could get a flight home. In the meantime, the roofers came and replaced my roof as scheduled! I came home and all the mess was done. I just wanted to be home. Being with my family didn't seem as important. Go figure.

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