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update new CT scan 9/30


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Well, it's been a rough road. I had a dr. appt. last week and we decided to go ahead and do a new CT scan a month early because my lung pain, and cough has gotten so much worse. I got my results today and found out that the biggest nodule in my right lung has gotten a lot bigger, and all the rest have gotten bigger as well. So onto Navelbine, it's pretty much the last one I have left to try I guess. I have to get a PICC line put in tomorrow. I've made it 2 years without having to do it and I don't like the idea of this at all. Please, everyone think good thoughts for me. Right now, I'm feeling pretty down and, well, terrified. I don't feel good at all, I'm losing hope, and my kids are still so young and need their mom.

Sorry for the downer post :cry:


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Debs first was navy bean and gemzar They worked great for her and were pretty gentle on her system. Navelbine Alone I don't know but combo was great!!!minimal side effects with the other drugs she got though!!

Anne Ya dont have to apologize for anything at all!! Sending Big hugs and Many great prayers for ya!!!

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Anne, I want to echo Randy's words that no apologize are necessary. This is definitely the place to come and say you are scared and even whine if you want. Can't imagine doing this treatment and having to be there for young children. Good luck on the Navelbine. Here's hoping it does the trick on your cancer. I'm sending tons of healing thoughts your way.

Judy in Key West

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