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Pink Football

Patti B

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Today has not been a good day for me what with the news of Sandra, but I decided to try to relax and watch some football. And it was all pink!!!!!

Now......let me start out by saying that my own mom is a 19 year breast cancer survivor and I have two very good friends who are BC survivors. I know we have a few BC survivors on this site and in NO WAY am I saying that BC should not get funding or recognition. Its just that......what about all the other life threatening diseases??? Even if we don't talk about LC (because as we all know, most people think we brought it on ourselves) what about the other forms of cancer??? Or what about diabetes, heart disease, Parkinsons, MS and I could go on and on.

The Browns/Bengals game was really pink. They said that the individual players could wear as much or as little pink as they wanted to. And they wore A LOT. And bottom line, I am proud of them for that. The Dallas/Denver game wasn't quite as pink. Who knows what the later game will be like.

Wouldn't it be great if each month out of the season the NFL would recognize (and maybe raise some money) for a couple of different life-threatening diseases?? And since November is Lung Cancer Awareness month, why no start with them.

I think I will have to email the Browns organization and the NFL tomorrow......no, I don't think that......I WILL!!!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Patti, my husband was watching Miami play today and said he couldn't figure out what all the pink was about. I told him it was for BC month and explained our conflict--we don't begrudge them their funding and recognition, we just want some of that for ourselves and all our friends with lung cancer. You have a great idea. Keep us posted.

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I am not one to use ianppropriate language here ~ BUT I did on the thread from Patti about Sandra and I am a going to do it again here ~ all that comes to mind is S-H-I-%^$! I am in an angry mood today - guess it had something to do with the weekend and all. Maybe I best drop in tomorrow and let it go today. But this just sets me off along with Debi's pink lids and all.


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