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since viewing several vieos yesterday of LCSC members, Frank has been spotted out and about without his little dog, Beer and doughnut!! Has been on my mind last couple of days!!

I believe this may be his last post here before he passes away.. notice the last line in his signature !!!!!

I think this post pretty much sums up his courage and determination to BEAT this beast!! Wish I could afford to hoist a cold bud lite and a donut for him!!!

Frank Lamb


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 1:38 pm Post subject: DEAD MAN WALKING/WEEK(1) 01/31/2007 Reply with quote

Dead Man Walking (week 1)

Week 1 of Dead Man Walking is one to begin with lots of questions,awakenings,fears,hopes,frustrations .(just trying to type to begin with) Rolling Eyes .there are so many unknowns that they are too many to mention.We can all fill in the spaces on that one.There were several days of administrative in the home answers and questions.The largest portion of the time spent has been on trying to regulate the primary pain meds from the breakthrough pain meds needed to control the much needed pain relief.(it is pretty severe at times). Evil or Very Mad Rolling Eyes

The nurse Lori that is going to be my our visiting nurse is scheduled to be here at this stage of the game is scheduled to come in for 2 days a week unless we need or call for any reason at all.They are available 24/7 and here fast if needed.We still have some work to do with the meds still.(and the typing). Rolling Eyes


So far this week I have gone from walking on my own power to have fallen a few times(soft carpeting) Wink .I have crawled,walked on knees,and hobbled.I am currently waiting for inside mobility help for inside the house.Most likely looking at this past week the worst frustration has to be the loss of a lot of independence.


THERE ARE NO goood sides to having this Disease.However I have several things to be very grateful for.My wife Connie is a GODSEND.Connie without a doubt is SUPER.(I will keep her) Smile .Our Hospice team and our nurse are awesome.My family and all our drs.are also super,I can’t say how efficient and good they have all been.

Stay tuned,next week we are expecting to begin a week two.I figure my next long term goal is saving some excerpts for week 52.(it is out there and I’m going after it) Cool .The next short/longer term goal is for golfing season.My next short term goal is completing the upcoming week.


dianosed 04/29/2003 nsclc***left lung removed 06/18/2003***two checkups NED *** cancer back 10/10/03 mets to right lung *** 7 rounds chemo carboplatin & taxol at same time with 7 weeks of daily radiation***01/04/04 shrinkage***04/04/ still stable***07/04/04 stable***10/04/04 no change***03/04/05 cancer spread to windpipe blocking 80% of airway and also bottom r. lung and stump where l.lung was removed***03/24/05 had laser surgery to open windpipe & stent put in***03/24/05 chemo and radiation again same type and amount***07/20/05 tumors shrunk but not gone and new tumor in top r.lung***remaining lung in bad shape with lots of scar tissue***10/20/05 no evidence of more spreading***01/31/2006 scans stable***03/13/06 increased cancer in middle of chest and airway***06/22/06 no change***06/05/06 prostate trouble and catheter from 06/06/06 until 09/14/06 when surgery on prostate (no cancer)***10/08/06 spread again 3.5cm tumor on brain and 6.5 cm tumor back in middle of chest again***have done 14 WBR tx's and waiting for 1 x-knife tx upcoming***more chemo upcoming***12/20/06 no more chemo or radiation to chest area***placed on pallitive care***they will do as possible as anything arises***follow up mri in late january for brain tumors***also may need stent in esophogus for severe reflux and restricted size of esophogus***only two options left,treat and be very ill with almost no chance of getting or feeling better or maintain maximum quality of life as long as possible and be treated for comfort as problems occur.I am at the stage of this where I CHOOSE QUALITY.

I have a great wife,3 daughters and son-in-laws,5 grand daughters,1 grandson,and 1 great grand son.My goal in life is my 100th birthday as it always has been.


picture is of me and my great grand son.

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Frank made everyone one of us feel as if we were the very best friend he had. We talked and emailed - soulmates from PA. His last Christmas Eve he emailed just to lift my spirits and tell Fred and me that he wished us a Merry Christmas. Geez.......what a guy! I miss him.


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Frank was just a great guy. He and John talked on the phone several times before Frank passed away. I think it helped them both to talk things out. The chat room has never been the same since the loss of David A, Frank, Bob mac, Judy B, and others. So many losses-- too many losses.

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