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Thursday's Air


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I've been looking for Judy or someone to start today's Air thread and no one was here so I decided to do it. Hope it's okay?

My day started as usual in the wee hours of the morning. Gotta find a way to get some more regular hours.

The weather here today looks cold and cloudy. Where I live it seems we only have two seasons. It's either freezing cold winter or very hot summers. Spring and fall might peek in for a couple days and that makes it hard cuz I have to run around the house like crazy washing outside windows "quickly".

Today I'm just doing the usual. Playing FB. It's helps keep my mind elsewhere. But I feel like cooking dinner for my son tonight. We'll see...his eating habits are nasty usually....cheeseburgers and fries. NOT for me!

Have a good day everyone!

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Michelle, I can't believe you're thinking about cooking dinner after all the cooking you're doing on cafe World...lol!!! You wanted me to take a couple of days off from the cooking and now you're ahead of me.

It's my kind of day here on Florida's space coast. It's overcast and it looks as if it could start snowing if the temperature would drop about 40 degrees. The high for today is supposed to only be 70, which is really cool for us. It's so funny how everyone is wearing their winter clothes today, which means they either have on long sleeves or are wearing a sweater. I love this time of year and this cooler weather.

I'm also happy because today is Thursday and that means my favorite day of the week is fast approaching. I live for the weekends but this is one weekend that I am not so excited about. Saturday, my grandaughter will be three years old and Nana, having taken a cake decorating class recently, volunteered to make her birthday cake. since she wants Blue's Clues for her theme, I bought a Blue's cake pan online and thought I was all set. Well, she wants magenta and getting the exact color and making this cake look like a dog had been quite a challenge. The pan has all of these nice little lines that outline the dog's features, but, when you turn the cake out of the pan it's hard to see the lines. So, I'm no artist and this has been a real PITA for me. I have baked two cakes already as trial runs and the second one did look like a dog....lol.

AFter the party, I have to rush to my American Legion Post and start cooking for a chicken & dumplings dinner that night. In addition to the chicken & dumplings, we're having southern style green beans, coleslaw and corn muffins. After dinner, we're having a pie and cake auction and then we're going to dance the night away to a great band. All of the proceeds are going to a home for abandoned, neglected and abused kids, so all the work will be worthwhile.

Then, on Sunday I will be attending a celebration of life for a dear friend that passed away last week.

So...my weekend in a nutshell. Anyone want to come to Florida and help cook???


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Now you KNOW there was a reason I wanted you to take a couple days off the FB cafe.....so I could jump ahead of you! LOL I've been busting my butt to beat ya these past days and I finally did it!

I used to cook meals for the VFW for many years. Seemed like I was always in their kitchen. But I finally had "enough" of all the politics that come along from some of the members. It seems that auxiliary ladies seem to forget what our purpose is.......to serve the vets and community. Sometimes I missed it, but I always had my family to cook for right?

Good luck with that cake...you should take a pic and post it for us :wink:

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"Annette"]It is cool and VERY rainy here in Richmond. I have been noticing that I am not the only one addicted to FB games. I could use neighbors on Cafe Town, Farmville and Farm Town if anyone is interested give me a shout.


ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!

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Michelle, everyone and anyone is ALWAYS WELCOME to start the Air. The earlier the better for some people and I'm not real reliable early lately.

I have not been playing. I have not even gotten to FB yet. I've done some chores around the house but have to admit, I started weight watchers again. I'm really worried they'll be rolling me if I don't start doing something. Between the changes (for the worst) in my eating habits and steroids every three weeks, I just keep gaining. Anyone who has ever done WW online knows how time consuming it is. Between checking points of foods, logging them in every meal and fixing food, it sometimes seems endless. Yes, I did say fixing food--I have to do much of my own meal preparations for awhile until I get in the groove and can fit small portions of Stan's stuff once in awhile in my allowed points. I hate this!

They say people on diets who eat pasta are happier than people on diets who don't. Next time I go to the store I'm getting some whole grain pasta.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Michelle....I'm glad I offered you some motivation to bust your butt at your Cafe!!! See...hard work really does pay off. Anyway....I'm really glad we're neighbors. I know what you mean about all of the politics involved with these organizations. I'm about to the point of being completely burned out.

Judy...Good luck with the dieting. I've lost 24 pounds in 2 months and have had a fairly easy time of it. I have just been trying to keep my daily caloric intake at 1200 calories and I have been losing easily. Of course, the doc had to get my thyroid in sync and I think that has helped a lot, too. I haven't been doing any exercising....other than walking Tanner. I plan on starting the gym next week to take this up a notch. The whole wheat pasta is good. I can give you a wonderful tip that helps to overcome cravings for sweets. Frozen grapes. Just rinse them off, take them off the stems and pop them in the freezer. They make a wonderful, healthy snack and you can't eat them too fast when they're frozen. They have helped me overcome the chocolate and ice cream cravings. Let me know if you need a weight loss buddy!!!

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Oh boy you had to mention that weight loss thing :!: I was doing really good for a while. I lost 20 pounds and then got stuck. Now I still do fitness twice a week and use the stairs several times a day but my walking is at a stand still. I seem to be busy all of the time then suddenly I just stop and let myself day dream.

At any rate my biggest draw back to losing weight is the fact that I like to cook and I like my own cooking. Then of coarse I cook for others and you know when you cook for a man you always find the tastiest and most caloric dishes.

Cool and sunny here today. I made spagetti and cookies. Now I have some time for her and facebook. Really need to get on to my gingerbread houses too.

Ann I would come and help you cook but where w :!: ould I find the time

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Wow, I was so busy today at work, I never had time to sit down and post in the Air. On my feet and climbing machines all day at work, then lots to do at home, I'm a tired camper.

Glad I already ate; all this cooking talk would have made me hungry. Judy, I probably down more whole wheat pasta than anyone you know. It takes lots of carbs to ride as many miles as I do, and whole wheat pasta is good carbs.

But my eating habits this year haven't been as good as the last couple of years, and I'm dragging around a few extra pounds because of it. If you ride a bicycle 7,000 miles in a year, there's just no excuse for carrying extra weight, but it looks like I'm going to manage to, all year this year.

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